Six­teen-year-old Oliver Ge­orge, from Kent, speaks can­didly about his bat­tle with men­tal health is­sues and how in­creased fund­ing cuts are mak­ing it harder for peo­ple to get the help they need

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three months or con­stantly in the back­ground – and this num­ber is in­creas­ingly alarm­ing in to­day’s youth, the un­der 30s.

So, it leaves the ques­tion hang­ing in the air: “Why doesn’t the gov­ern­ment do more to help?”

Let’s be hon­est, pain is in­evitable in life, as is fail­ure, but what counts is how we bounce back – that will de­fine us.

None of us are the same, but we are all con­nected in the sense that we will all suf­fer from a sense of fail­ure in our lives.

It’ll hurt in dif­fer­ent places and we’ll be bro­ken by dif­fer­ent things but the feel­ing is the same.

We’ll lose hope, drag our head down, shut our­selves away from the world.

What unites us is our com­mon im­per­fec­tion in striv­ing for great­ness and yet that very same thing is the one which we will never ad­mit.

All any­one wants is val­i­da­tion, but not ev­ery­one will find it. What mat­ters is the value that oth­ers pre­scribe to us rather than our own feel­ing of self worth.

But when you strug­gle to find that, you be­gin to lose grip; you fo­cus on the neg­a­tiv­ity around you and the fur­ther to the edge you get, the harder it is to hold on. So, what should we do? Well, ob­vi­ously, it’s dif­fer­ent for ev­ery­one and I can’t say ‘this is what you have to do’ be­cause not ev­ery­thing works for ev­ery­one.

But, sim­ple as it sounds, you’ve just got to speak to some­one. Whether it’s your best friend, or just some doc­tor you’ve met for the first time.

If you get it off your chest it’s not all go­ing to sud­denly go away, but it will help. I sus­pect this is one of the only times when that age-old adage of “a prob­lem shared is a prob­lem halved” ac­tu­ally has any real bear­ing.

More im­por­tantly, know who your friends are be­cause they will have your back when you feel as though it’s all go­ing wrong.

Hope over de­spair, love over hate, the fu­ture will be bright.

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