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Fin­ished hoggets - 2,650 sold The hogget trade seems to be re­cov­er­ing from the low point of some 105p per kg at the end of last week with Hobbs Parker’s av­er­ages slightly firmer than and com­par­ing favourably with the Na­tional av­er­age of 108.5p per kg. Re­duced mar­ket­ing around the coun­try has un­doubt­edly helped to firm the trade from last week. And while abat­toirs want num­bers there is some price re­sis­tance and much im­prove­ment short term seems un­likely. Nev­er­the­less best fleshed medium weights sold read­ily in the 112p to 115p per kg bracket with qual­ity runs no­tably from H. Rivers and W. D. Smith tak­ing the pick of the trade. Heavy weights grossed well in the £50 to £55 bracket and up to £57.50 from J.H. and A.S. King, Lin­colnshire Hogget av­er­ages: light 28 117.54 to 83.33 (106.39); stan­dard 609 117.14 to 100.87 (110.30, nat ave 107.70); medium 1,558 117.33 to 84.22 (111.48, nat ave 109.80); heavy 395 114.11 to 87.08 (107.42, nat ave 103.90); oveweight 60 108.49 to 77.59 (99.67). Store hoggets - 998 sold Strong trade con­tin­ues for stores with all best £40 plus and up to £44 for Charol­lais Crosses from R. LeBlanc and £43.80 for Suf­folk Crosses from D. Fen­ner and Ashby Farms. Medium sorts £35 to £40 and only very small long term stores be­low £32. Av­er­ages: 998 sold £44.00 to £1.00 (£35.50). Sev­eral cus­tomers in at­ten­dance for a mixed qual­ity en­try of in-lamb ewes. Trade was fair and topped at £48 for a pen of Suf­folk Cross flock aged due to lamb from mid-March. Av­er­ages: 110 in-lamb ewes £48 to £16 (£40.80). Cull ewes and rams - 1,024 sold Large num­bers of ewes con­tinue to be mar­keted across the coun­try, putting down­ward pres­sure on prices with over­all av­er­ages eas­ing by some £2/3 per head. Nev­er­the­less best Texel topped at £50 from Mrs H. Long and £44 from D. Fen­ner and Suf­folk Crosses made to £44 from C. Ge­or­getti; £43.10 from R. Price and sons; £43 again from Mrs H. Long and £42.90 from J. Trumper. Best mules made up to £30 from Far­rant bros and Rom­ney’s to £33.40 from C. Gero­getti and £32 from C. Hodgkins. Cull ewe av­er­ages: first qual­ity 154 50.00 to 36.00 (14.60); sec­ond qual­ity 465 35.80 to 28.00 (31.80); third qual­ity 393 27.80 to 1.00 (22.20). Rams: 12 40.00 to 1.00 (29.30). Fin­ished cat­tle - 138 steers/heifers and eight young bulls sold More cat­tle penned and in par­tic­u­lar a de­cent line-up of qual­ity heifers. Best smart handy weight steers were in very short sup­ply. Our very sharp de­mand for qual­ity butch­ers weight cat­tle con­tin­ues with the bulk of th­ese 115-120p per kg and the top end 120125p per kg. Top-notch heavy­weight heifers for the su­per­mar­ket trade were also a flyer: five very smart U grade Bel­gian Blues and Li­mousins from M.B. Farms sell­ing to 132.5p per kg av­er­ag­ing 126.5p per kg gross­ing to £821 at 22-months. Again sev­eral heavy­weight steers were penned.

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