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THE Ken­tish Ex­press is of­fer­ing read­ers the chance to Speak Out on Op­er­a­tion Stack by post­ing their own com­ments on our web­site Kent On­line. Here is a se­lec­tion of the hun­dreds of views posted to date:

I can’t un­der­stand why the lor­ries are al­lowed to drive all the way to the M20 when ev­ery­one knows that there is a prob­lem with the fer­ries. As our po­lice have to stop all freight lor­ries to check their des­ti­na­tion, why not use an­other county’s re­serves and stop the ma­jor­ity of freight by the Dart­ford Cross­ing and park the lor­ries some­where else? It does seem ridicu­lous that ev­ery­thing con­verges into Kent when ferry prob­lems are broad­cast. Also I agree with the com­ments about charg­ing for­eign trucks to use our roads. Has any­one checked the num­ber of ac­ci­dents in our re­gion caused by lor­ries, mainly for­eign? We have the mo­tor­ways closed for hours and yet th­ese driv­ers pay no tax here, nor do they pur­chase any of our diesel due to UK prices. Also as our freight lor­ries are not al­lowed on the Con­ti­nent at the week­end – why do we al­low for­eign trucks to use our mo­tor­ways at the week­end? Twice this week I have seen for­eign lor­ries tak­ing up all three lanes on the M20 – th­ese driv­ers don’t even un­der­stand that they are not al­lowed in the out­side lane. Veron­ica Wells, Hawkinge

I dread those words “Op­er­a­tion Stack”! Liv­ing in Folkestone and work­ing in Ash­ford it af­fects me ev­ery time. Whilst I agree that a so­lu­tion must quickly be found I would pre­fer to see a move­able bar­rier, that can ap­par­ently be quickly put in place, or a con­traflow sys­tem on the north­bound car­riage­way rather than tax­payer’s money be­ing spent on a lorry park, which will in its own right cause dis­rup­tion and be a blot on the land­scape, no mat­ter where it’s sited – just off Junc­tion 11 of the M20 be­ing one of the op­tions I am told. I am the first to agree that the dis­rup­tion is hor­ren­dous, the only good thing is that it’s only a few times a year. My ques­tion is: What hap­pens on the French side of the Chan­nel when we have bad weather or the French port/tun­nel work­ers de­cide to strike? S. Don­ald, Folkestone

Mo­tor­ways are for driv­ing on NOT for park­ing lor­ries. Frank Thrower, Dym­church

The Gov­ern­ment must make pro­vi­sion for a lorry park near Dover with suf­fi­cient space to keep lor­ries wait­ing to cross to the Con­ti­nent when pre­vented from do­ing so by weather or in­dus­trial ac­tion C. Ash­ford, Bethers­den

Op­er­a­tion Stack is the cheap and lazy op­tion caus­ing un­told in­con­ve­nience and mis­ery to the hun­dreds of thou­sands of peo­ple af­fected by this sense­less piece of polic­ing. Mr K. J. A. Bethel, Wye

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