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HUN­DREDS of mo­torists have backed our cam­paign to keep the M20 Junc­tion 10 round­about mov­ing.

Just a week af­ter launch­ing the Keep It Mov­ing cam­paign, we have been in­un­dated with re­sponses from read­ers who agree that con­ges­tion has eased con­sid­er­ably since the traf­fic lights were switched off as part of road­works.

They have called for the lights to be per­ma­nently re­moved.

More than 200 peo­ple have al­ready signed our pe­ti­tion and added their views to our on­line Speak Out, call­ing on the High­ways Agency to find a long-term so­lu­tion.

Turn­ing off the lights is the best things to have hap­pened at Junc­tion 10 for years. Where I live I can­not leave my house with­out go­ing round the junc­tion. There have been in­stances when I have not been able to leave my home and have had to ring into work for a day off as the traf­fic is not mov­ing Ken Paine, Ash­ford. Keep the traf­fic lights away. My chil­dren are never late now. Ju­lia Luck­hurst, Ash­ford. Traf­fic has never been able to move round the junc­tion with such ease since the in­tro­duc­tion of the lights, even at peak times. M.F. Twyman, Ash­ford. Pos­si­bly the first road­works in his­tory to ac­tu­ally im­prove the trans­port net­work while still in situ. Fin­gers crossed the nanny state doesn’t step in, dou­ble the num­ber of lights and cam­eras, then pep­per the roads with speed bumps and chi­canes. S. Alexan­der, Can­ter­bury. Fan­tas­tic since the lights have gone. Traf­fic moves at all times of day – even rush hour. Please don’t put them back, we are quite ca­pa­ble of work­ing out when to go and when to stop. More so it seems than a set of traf­fic lights. Nikki Jack­son, Brabourne Lees. What, no lights! It’s fan­tas­tic, a trip to Tesco Crooks­foot is no longer a night­mare. Please, High­ways Agency, do not put them back. Tina Hog­ben, Ash­ford. Much bet­ter with­out the traf­fic lights, ex­cept pos­si­bly leav­ing M20 south. Pro­vide a right turn out of Sev­ing­ton Busi­ness Park by in­stalling traf­fic lights. This would mean less traf­fic on Junc­tion 10 round­about. Roger Jus­tice, Ash­ford. I live re­ally near Junc­tion 10 and have no­ticed a vast im­prove­ment in all of my jour­ney times. Sa­man­tha May­bury, Ash­ford. Only down side is the traf­fic from the mo­tor­way. I drive to Len­ham ev­ery­day and the jour­ney to work is far bet­ter. Ste­fan Hayes, Ash­ford. Please keep the lights at bay. If you want to put them any­where, please place them on Junc­tion 9 at rush hour as the traf­fic is al­ways backed on to the mo­tor­way, which is very dan­ger­ous. So much so that I use lo­cal roads to come home.

Sa­man­tha Sut­ton, Ash­ford. Less con­ges­tion, no­body sit­ting in the yel­low boxes block­ing the round­about, peo­ple seem to be tak­ing more care get­ting round the sys­tem, traf­fic is def­i­nitely flow­ing much bet­ter with­out the lights. J. Burns, Sellindge. The huge queues back­ing onto the M20, which were pretty hairy at times, have sub­sided. I’ve never had such a pain free jour­ney to work at the William Har­vey. My only ad­di­tional sug­ges­tion would be to erect speed cam­eras so cars stick to the 30mph limit which would make join­ing the round­about eas­ier Selina Brewerton, Folkestone. Gone are the long queues back­ing up on the round­about. Gone are the stressed faces of mo­torists as they sit at yet an­other set of lights. And wel­come to all the mo­torists who now feel free to travel around the round­about with a smile on their faces. Anita Sloan, Ash­ford. To approach the round­about at Junc­tion 10 from any di­rec­tion is now a dream com­pared to the night­mare when traf­fic lights were op­er­at­ing up un­til a few months ago.

Gone are the long queues back­ing up on the round­about. Gone are the stressed faces of mo­torists as they sit at yet an­other set of lights. And wel­come to all the mo­torists who now feel free to travel around the round­about with a smile on their faces

Anne Brewins, Char­ing. I work at the William Har­vey and since the lights have been taken out, the traf­fic flow is im­proved and there are no huge traf­fic jams, par­tic­u­larly at Satur­day lunchtime when it has been im­pos­si­ble for me to get to the hospi­tal on time for my shift. Susan Mitchell, Ash­ford. I can­not be­lieve the dif­fer­ence it has made since the traf­fic lights have been switched off. A rad­i­cal re­think to the way traf­fic en­ters the round­about is ob­vi­ously needed. Bar­bara E. Downes, Kingsnorth. The so­lu­tion (no traf­fic lights) has been star­ing us in the face and thou­sands of pounds have been spent on “con­sul­tants” to come up with what? Lessons should have been learned be­fore now when traf­fic lights failed at this junc­tion in the past. John Matthews, Ash­ford. The sight lines are not good (par­tic­u­larly com­ing off the M20 coast­bound) and would need to be im­proved, as would the junc­tion mark­ings if this was to be a long-term so­lu­tion. Richard Giles, Ash­ford. See for your­selves, take a look. Junc­tion 10 does not need traf­fic lights. R. Brooks, Ash­ford. It is def­i­nitely much bet­ter with­out the traf­fic lights, so we would not like to see them re­in­stated. One of the prob­lems has al­ways been the large num­ber of driv­ers who go through the lights when they are on red, thereby cre­at­ing fur­ther prob­lems. Linda Golding, Willes­bor­ough. Why is it when the road man­age­ment sys­tems aren’t work­ing, the traf­fic flows? Tim Wall, Ash­ford. If they do de­cide to turn the lights back on, per­haps they should con­sider sen­sors. There is noth­ing more frus­trat­ing than wait­ing at the red light when the round­about is empty. Mr East­wood, God­mer­sham Park. Liv­ing as I do above the M20, I have no choice but to go round Junc­tion 10 to get to work or to Ash­ford. Since the traf­fic lights have been turned off, I have not queued once. Jill Humphreys, Ash­ford. Please leave it alone and let’s not have the lights back. Mar­garet Read, Ke­nard­ing­ton. Junc­tion 10 is much im­proved with the traf­fic lights re­moved. Even with heavy traf­fic it moves so much faster. Paul Star­ling, Ham­street. With­out doubt the traf­fic lights cause con­ges­tion. They are not re­quired at off-peak times. Peter Bar­den, Smeeth. Not only does the traf­fic move freely but driv­ers have smiles on their faces as they re­alise how easy Junc­tion 10 is with­out the lights. Carol Hoare, Willes­bor­ough. Driv­ers seem to be a lot less stressed and po­lite. I haven’t seen any ac­ci­dents, so with less lanes and con­trac­tors’ traf­fic, the traf­fic flow is bet­ter with­out the lights. Ray Hoare, Ash­ford. I work at the William Har­vey. We have no­ticed at work that peo­ple no longer ar­rive frus­trated and, on more than one oc­ca­sion, ex­tremely up­set due to the stress that is caused at Junc­tion 10. Hester Gau­den, Ash­ford. When the work is done let driv­ers think for them­selves. Leonard Col­lier, Ash­ford. Please do not go back to the abysmal lights which only hin­dered the flow caus­ing long tail­backs and many frus­trated driv­ers. Nigel Humphreys, Ash­ford. Keep the lights off. It works so well, ev­ery­body gets home on time. Well I do… just in time for The Simp­sons. Ni­cola Collins, Ash­ford. Mil­lions of pounds are be­ing spent on the J10 round­about be­cause of con­ges­tion. How­ever, once the lights are switched off, the con­ges­tion goes. Has no­body thought what a ter­ri­ble waste of money this “im­prove­ment” work con­sti­tutes? John Bai­ley, Ash­ford. Maybe the round­about is too small for the amount of lights, but what­ever the rea­son or cause, we are bet­ter off with­out them. Robert Shoe­bridge, Brook­land. Let us hope that af­ter June, when the sus­pen­sion fin­ishes, that sense pre­vails and they re­move them. Harry Matthews, Ash­ford. I use Junc­tion 10 ev­ery day as I work at Ash­ford Busi­ness Park. What a dream when I leave work to get round Junc­tion 10. It worked well be­fore the lights were in­stalled and it is work­ing now. De­bra King, Ash­ford. Go­ing shop­ping with my daugh­ter was a night­mare but now we just glide through and no hang-ups. Joan Skin­ner, Willes­bor­ough. The re­moval of the lights was only ne­ces­si­tated by the lack of cor­rect pro­gram­ming of the light con­trol sys­tem. Now pedes­tri­ans and cy­clists who use pub­lic rights of way in the vicin­ity of J10 have no safe method of ne­go­ti­at­ing the traf­fic in or­der to get from Willes­bor­ough to Tesco or the A20. Fintan Lawlor, Willes­bor­ough. Never known the round­about so clear since the lights came down. Mr C. Long, Ash­ford. Get rid of the lights per­ma­nently and sort the road mark­ings out to stop traf­fic in the out­side lanes from cut­ting off ex­its. Jonathan Nock, Ash­ford. In the years since the lights were in­stalled I have avoided J10 as much as pos­si­ble, know­ing it will add time to my jour­ney. The worst was wait­ing for the lights to change at night when there was noth­ing com­ing round the round­about. Please leave them turned off. Lisa Sul­li­van, Ash­ford. I have said for many a year that the traf­fic lights at Junc­tion 10 cause the traf­fic to build up in­stead of help­ing it flow. This switch-off has proved it. Neal Boat­man, Bid­den­den. I was very wor­ried that the road­works would add a good half-hour to my jour­ney. They ac­tu­ally seem to save me 15 min­utes. The only down­fall would be at the busiest times when Tesco seems to have the queues, but then, this is al­ways the case. Andrew Skin­ner, Willes­bor­ough. The lights never worked in con­junc­tion with the other lights. Com­ing from Hythe Road the lights were red when no traf­fic came around from the Folkestone/Sev­ing­ton Bus Park way, and then went green once all the traf­fic had come through and you couldn’t move. Kim Skin­ner, Willes­bor­ough. The Magic Round­about is no more. My jour­neys are a dream. No more do I queue. It would be in­sane to re­in­state th­ese lights. Teresa, Brook­land. No lights will be more cost ef­fec­tive and car­bon friendly as there will be no traf­fic stand­ing with en­gines run­ning. David Pot­ter, Rhodes Min­nis. We have never known J10 to flow as well as it has done in the last few months. We are mov­ing to Singleton in May and will need to use the round­about on a daily ba­sis, so we hope the lights are kept off. Steph & Mike Davies, New­ingreen. Some driv­ers still in­sist on cut­ting onto the round­about from the Tesco or Folkestone junc­tions. My worry is that there will be a nasty ac­ci­dent be­cause of some im­pa­tient fool and we then have to turn the clock back 10 years. Paul Rayner, Ash­ford. We al­ways avoid the junc­tion if we can be­cause we know we could be stuck there for ever. Jo Cle­ments, Folkestone. I get dropped off from work at Tesco ev­ery day and walk home from there. This in­volves go­ing around the edge of the round­about. I am pretty much hav­ing to run across the road when I think a suit­able gap is there to cross it, so, at the mo­ment, it is a night­mare to get home. If pedes­trian cross­ings were sub­sti­tuted for the traf­fic lights, I think we will have a win­ner. Dave Winch­ester, Ash­ford.

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