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Fin­ished hoggets - 4,719 sold An­other record set here in Ash­ford with more than 4,700 hoggets sold de­spite the auc­tion­eer’s pre­dic­tions of a smaller en­try than last weeks 4,500.

Look­ing back over the years the third week in March last year saw 4,534 sold (out of a record sheep en­try of 6,026) with stan­dards av­er­ag­ing 120p, medi­ums 124p and heav­ies 113p.

In 2005 3,314 sold at slightly less money but in 2004 things were fly­ing, 3,000 sold with av­er­ages 141, 133 and 125p re­spec­tively.

The trade na­tion­ally re­mains stable with the days SQQ 114.62p per kg and Hobbs Parker’s a few pen­nies ahead at 117.56p.

Good qual­ity well fleshed lambs could be found in large num­bers through­out the sale in­clud­ing runs from D.P. Rooke, Buck­ing­hamshire 140 sold to 52.5kgs at £56.10 run ave £54.34; D. Til­ley, West Sus­sex 204 sold to 50.5kgs at £54 run aver £51.26; and J.H. and A.J. King, Lin­colnshire 368 sold to ave £53.53.

Best handy­weight lambs were 120 to 133p per kg with good heav­ier sorts 110 to 118p and large per­cent­age of lambs for­ward gross­ing £45 to £55.

Top per head was £59 for J. and J. Gow­ing with John Wick­ens close be­hind at £58.50 for 53.5 kg hoggets.

Av­er­ages: light 16 133.33 to 106.45 (116.50, nat ave 111.94); stan­dard 473 127.14 to 110.00 (117.57, nat ave 113.10); medium 2,049 132.10 to 94.71 (117.57, nat ave 115.74); heavy 1,873 120.87 to 81.72 (110.91, nat ave 108.84); over-weight 289 109.35 to 10.73 (103.29, nat ave 99.41).

Store hoggets and breed­ing sheep - 734 sold Cull ewes and rams - 595 sold Cull ewe av­er­ages: first qual­ity 171 48.00 to 37.00 (40.64); sec­ond qual­ity 270 36.50 to 28.00 (32.80); third qual­ity 124 27.00 to 2.00 (22.00). Rams: 30 48.00 to 3.00 (31.70). Fin­ished cat­tle - 129 steers/heifers and 13 young bulls sold

A few cat­tle less and mostly de­cent penned but very few top notch for the re­tail trade of­fered hence top prices not so ex­cit­ing as last week.

Al­though trade through­out was just as strong, even with two or three buy­ers miss­ing.

Su­per­mar­ket cat­tle formed the bulk of the en­try and against cur­rent dead­weight prices of around 198p per kg for a R grade, th­ese sold to a very com­pet­i­tive trade.

Most of the R grade heavy­weight steers and heifers 108-114p per kg and the hand­ful of U grades 115-124.5p per kg.

Over­weight cat­tle also con­tinue to sell well. K.E. Budd’s very de­cent Bel­gian Blue Cross Friesian steers above 700kgs to 106.5p per kg and gross­ing to £806l; J. Cas­tle (Stoke) ltd with 755kg Blonde steers to 103.5p per kg; a 705kg Charo­lais from A.G. Young and sons 107.5p.

Heavy heifers grossed to £734 (110.5p per kg) from H.G. Allen and £736 (107.5p per kg) from Dan Mack­le­den ltd.

Bulls bet­ter sup­plied - Mrs C.A. Hardy’s pure­bred Sim­men­tal 113.5p per kg (£709 at 16-months); a Sim­men­tal from D.W. Fer­gu­son ltd 112.5p per kg (£686 at 12-months); a Bel­gian Blue Cross Friesian from T. Cas­tle (Pel­ham) 110.5p per kg and its Friesians 90.5p to 98.5p per kg and gross­ing to £551 at 18-months.

Fin­ished cat­tle av­er­ages, steers: pre­mium 25 124.50 to 109.50 (113.50); av­er­age 52 108.50 to 96.50 (105.00); oth­ers 10 93.50 to 67.50 (81.00).

Heifers: pre­mium 18 123.50 to 109.50 (116.00); av­er­age 21 108.50 to 95.50 (103.50); oth­ers 3 94.50 to 88.50 (91.50).

Young bulls: sec­ond qual­ity 8 113.50 to 103.50 (109.00).

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