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MARK SANNA told the court he and his wife had been dis­cussing their mar­riage while she cooked din­ner. He said the cou­ple had been plan­ning to em­i­grate to Canada, but that Mrs Sanna had re­cently told him she wanted to end the mar­riage. Mr Sanna said: “It was very sad. “It was just not a nice day for ei­ther of us. It was very emo­tional. “She said I had to get it into my mind that we weren’t a fam­ily any more and would never be a fam­ily. “I asked Michelle if there was some­body else? Was she hav­ing an af­fair? “We had a whole fam­ily plan to em­i­grate, and it didn’t make sense.” He said it was at this point that Mrs Sanna threat­ened to kill him with a fry­ing pan. “I don’t want to sound like a po­lice of­fi­cer, but she was just a wo­man who it seemed to me had lost con­trol,” Mr Sanna told the court. “She seemed livid. “I took hold of her hands, I don’t know if it was on the wrists or the fore­arms, and pushed her arms out­wards. “She dropped the fry­ing pan on to the work sur­face. “I reached out with my hands. It’s meant to be a re­as­sur­ing ges­ture. “She then punched me in the face, with a clenched right fist, straight in my mouth. “I was very shocked at be­ing hit by my wife, and at how hard I had been hit. “My legs wob­bled as I stag­gered back­wards. “Michelle then took up a boxer’s stance, bounced on her toes and said: ‘Woo’, then im­i­tated wob­bling and stag­ger­ing back­wards. “She just looked fren­zied. “I slapped her round the face and shouted: ‘Calm down, stop de­stroy­ing the fam­ily.’ “It was a slap, not a hard slap, to stop her at­tack­ing again and calm the sit­u­a­tion down. “We were both very emo­tional, and it was ap­par­ent that Michelle had lost con­trol. “It was not ra­tio­nal be­hav­iour. “I thought she was go­ing to hit me or punch me again. I didn’t want to get in­volved in a fist fight with my wife. “There was an eerie si­lence. In that mo­ment, I think I re­alised the mar­riage was over.”

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