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WE read your lead ar­ti­cle on Mr and Mrs Wil­son’s deal­ings with ten­ants with in­ter­est (April 26). Mr Wil­son’s re­ported claim that nei­ther of the two com­plainants re­ferred to had raised their com­plaints through the Ten­ancy De­posit Scheme ap­peared to us to be mis­lead­ing, since the scheme was not in ex­is­tence when their te­nan­cies were re­ported to have ended, in 2006. It came into force on April 6 this year. You quote Mr Wil­son as say­ing he and Mrs Wil­son took part in a trial for the Ten­ancy De­posit Scheme be­fore the scheme be­came manda­tory. The Gov­ern­ment’s trial for such a scheme ran from 2000 to 2003 in five ar­eas. The te­nan­cies of the two com­plainants in the ar­ti­cle both ended last year, so any par­tic­i­pa­tion by Mr and Mrs Wil­son in th­ese tri­als would not have been rel­e­vant. Fi­nally, the ar­ti­cle said: “The De­posit Pro­tected Scheme is a scheme where land­lords must hand over the de­posit in full un­til any dis­pute is re­solved by the Dis­pute Res­o­lu­tion Ser­vice or the courts.” This could be taken by read­ers to mean the de­posit is only handed over in cases of dis­pute. In fact, the de­posit is handed over to the scheme for pro­tec­tion from the out­set of the ten­ancy. Diane Down­ing, ser­vice man­ager, Ash­ford and Ten­ter­den Cit­i­zens Ad­vice, Nor­wood Street, Ash­ford.

I WAS shocked to read your front page re­port on the Watch­dog pro­gramme that crit­i­cised Ju­dith and Fer­gus Wil­son. To­gether they have pur­chased hun­dreds of prop­er­ties in Kent to rent out so they can make a for­tune for them­selves, but only to en­sure their pen­sion is able to sup­port them in their old age. What does it mat­ter that the dreams many young cou­ples and lower-paid work­ers had of ever own­ing a house have dis­ap­peared? Could you live on a pen­sion of only £250 mil­lion? Just look at the price of bread and milk th­ese days! Ray Hoare, High Trees Close, Willes­bor­ough, Ash­ford.

AS an Ash­ford house­holder, I am sat­is­fied with the house­hold refuse dis­posal ser­vice pro­vided by Ash­ford Bor­ough Coun­cil. The weekly rub­bish col­lec­tors do a hard and nec­es­sary task very well. But it re­ally needs to re­main a weekly col­lec­tion rather than fort­nightly, as sug­gested by re­cent gov­ern­ment re­ports. Be­cause I have sev­eral times over the years forgotten, be­ing busy in my kitchen to make sure the refuse col­lec­tion bags are out­side our house, by the pave­ment, on the cor­rect date. The re­sult­ing pu­tre­fac­tion about the refuse bags when they are, on those un­for­tu­nate oc­ca­sions, even­tu­ally col­lected af­ter two weeks is hor­ri­ble. We need the present ex­cel­lent refuse col­lec­tions, for which house­hold­ers pay through our coun­cil tax, to con­tinue weekly, not changed to a nasty and un­healthy fort­nightly ef­fort of refuse dis­posal, as pro­posed by Gov­ern­ment ex­perts. David Ber­rie, Wye Road, Boughton Lees, Ash­ford.

Prop­erty own­ers Fer­gus and Ju­dith Wil­son

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