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Kentish Express Ashford & District - - THE DAY THE EARTH SHOOK -

I WAS sit­ting on the couch dress­ing my youngest son when all of a sud­den I heard a loud crack through the chim­ney breast, then my whole house shook hard. I took the kids out and put them in the car and then ran up­stairs to wake my hus­band, who had just gone to bed af­ter a night shift, and also to wake my mum. When we got out we no­ticed rub­ble in the gut­ter from our chim­ney. My kids and labrador dog have been ter­ri­fied all day and I am hav­ing trou­ble get­ting my youngest to bed now!

Claire Hol­ley, Folkestone

I HAVE spo­ken to two or three other peo­ple on the Marsh and it seems not to have been as an no­tice­able event here, even though we are as close to the epi­cen­tre as Hythe and Folkestone. I guess the big wet sponge of shin­gle ab­sorbed all the en­ergy.

Rob­bie Craig, Dun­geness

I WAS asleep in bed and awoke to a big bang. I could hear loud noises on the roof and my two large wardrobes were shak­ing vi­o­lently and bang­ing against each other for, it seemed, quite a while. My first thought was that seag­ulls were fight­ing on the roof over food I had left out for the fox the pre­vi­ous night. I vowed there and then not to leave food out again. Look­ing at my clock ra­dio I re­alised there was a power cut. My mo­bile said 8.20am. Know­ing I wouldn’t be able to make my morn­ing cuppa, I tried with­out suc­cess to go back to sleep and won­dered in my sleepy stu­por how the wardrobes shook.

Linda Joy, River

I WAS sit­ting in the liv­ing room en­joy­ing my first cup of tea with my grand­son when the wall be­hind me shook and my chair lifted un­der me, tip­ping me for­ward. My wife who was still up­stairs heard the bang and thought one of us had fallen down the stairs.

Ge­orge Hills, Hythe

I was in the kitchen with my kids hav­ing break­fast when I heard a rum­ble and vi­bra­tion. As I was stood by the work­top, I heard it the loud­est and felt it more, The things on the gran­ite bread­board started vi­brat­ing – teapot, spoons – but it was the rum­ble that I could not un­der­stand it was al­most like a car en­gine run­ning un­der my kitchen floor, re­ally steady and con­sis­tent. As soon as it had been no­ticed it had gone again so I dis­missed it, un­til I got a phone call min­utes later from my hus­band who is work­ing in Folkestone to tell me that it was a tremor as ev­ery­thing in the house he was in was shak­ing.

Emma Jones, Adisham

I HAD my head out of the win­dow ad­mir­ing yes­ter­day’s gar­den­ing when it felt as if the room spun around be­hind me. It didn’t shake but the room lurched around. It seemed very strange. It got stronger and then less­ened but gained in strength be­fore it fin­ished. The dogs went mad, round and round in cir­cles and the plas­ter fell off the chim­ney inside the house, china fell off shelves. Scary stuff.

Nicky Vines, Capel-le-Ferne

I WAS stand­ing in the front room with a cup of tea in my hand when it hap­pened. All the ra­di­a­tors were shak­ing and noisy and the house just felt like it was made of jelly. It was very scary. My kids were up­stairs so I ran and got them. My daugh­ter had banged her head dur­ing it, we all ran out into the street in our py­ja­mas, all the neigh­bours were re­ally scared. I feel sorry for the peo­ple who have been evac­u­ated from their houses and the amount of dam­age caused to their houses is re­ally bad.

S. Buss, Folkestone

I was ly­ing in my bed and felt the bed move. My dad was down­stairs read­ing a news­pa­per and felt the room shake, the TV and the cur­tains moved and the dog went scatty

Kay Gower, Whit­stable

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