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Fin­ished sheep - 2,936 sold Much im­proved trade for all sheep with the hogget trade ben­e­fit­ing from tighter sup­plies and lamb prices also im­proved as more buy­ers switch over from hoggets. The ma­jor­ity of lambs grossed in the £48 to £58 bracket and up to £60.80 (148.29p per kg) from R.G. and S. Hay­den and £60.50 (155.12p per kg) from G.H. Dean and Co. More lambs will be wanted ev­ery week as hogget sup­plies dry up quickly. At last some spark in the hogget trade late in the sea­son with the ma­jor­ity gross­ing in the £44 to £52 bracket and up to £58 (114.85p per kg) for smart Texel Crosses from A. Ver­non, Lin­colnshire. Best handy weights at­tracted prices in ex­cess of 110p per kg; heavy­weights around £1 per kg; and over­weights £44 to £48. Top hogget prices in­cluded £55 (106.78p per kg) from A. H. Hoad and son; £54 (104.85p per kg) from Ah­madiyya Mus­lim Ass; £53.50 (109.78p per kg) from I. Hob­den; £53 (108.16p per kg) from D. Fen­ner; £53 (101.92p per kg) from M.J. Roberts; £52.50 (111.70p per kg) from Fin­cham Farms, Nor­folk; £52 (107.21p per kg) from Kingswood Manor Farms; and £52 (104p per kg) from D.J. and K. Miles. Hogget av­er­ages: stan­dard 345 128.00 to 55.07 (110.40, nat ave 103.44); medium 894 114.07 to 46.50 (106.34, nat ave 104); heavy 989 114.85 to 54.74 (101.10, nat ave 94.04); 0ver-weights/twoyear-olds 67 85.19 to 25.00 (72.42). New sea­son lamb av­er­ages: stan­dard 305 155.13 to 92.11 (135.13, nat ave 126.22); medium 159 148.29 to 116.74 (128.38, nat ave 121.57). Cull ewes and rams - 1,063 sold An­other strong trade with four in­di­vid­ual buy­ers com­pet­ing well for a large en­try of ewes. Best Cross­bred ewes sold read­ily in ex­cess of £45 and up to £62 for a Charol­lais from E. Grib­ble; Texel Crosses made to £56.50 from A. Ver­non; Suf­folk Crosses to £50.50 from L.F. Cr­is­ford and son and I.T. Hen­shaw; £50 from Mrs H Long and £48 from V.A. Millen. Best fleshed but lean Rom­ney’s to £40 from W. T. Kemp and £38.50 from S. Weller and son. Meaty mules up to £38.50 from I. Hob­den. Plain ewes con­tinue to look par­tic­u­larly well sold with ma­jor­ity £27 to £32 and old rams at­tracted strong prices up to £60 from D.Fen­ner. Cull ewes: first qual­ity 192 62.00 to 44.00 (48.00); sec­ond qual­ity 400 43.80 to 33.00 (37.10); third qual­ity 410 32.80 to 5.00 (29.00). Rams: 61 60.00 to 5.00 (45.50). Breed­ing sheep - 50 sold Strong trade for a small en­try of ewes and lambs with Rom­ney’s ewes (mainly full mouth) with smart Charol­lais Cross lambs to £85 (£27.76 per life) from Miss J.M. Gre­gory. Fin­ished cat­tle - 103 steers/heifers and 17 young bulls sold A few more penned this week and there were signs that buy­ers are a lit­tle more keen to get a share. Dead­weight base prices have fallen for the last month and it is likely that val­ues will at least hold and pos­si­bly firm up from next week. Hobbs Parker are cer­tainly get­ting through yarded cat­tle and will soon be on the scrounge! Su­per­mar­ket cat­tle are still fetch­ing from 108 to 111p for the bet­ter end with O plus sorts 98 to 107p, while de­mand for top notch cat­tle re­mains very strong. Top of the day was a su­perb 15-month mus­cled Charo­lais heifer from Bur­den Bros at 139.5p and gross­ing £684; with Colch­ester ven­dors V. and P. Par­ris sell­ing two smart heavy­weight Li­mousin steers to 130.5p and £848. Over­all the qual­ity of cat­tle has cer­tainly im­proved dur­ing the last decade but far too many cat­tle are still sent to mar­ket in full con­di­tion. A bet­ter en­try of bulls, a top­ping light­weight Bel­gian Blue from D.W. Fer­gu­son ltd 118.5p (£526 at 11months); a heavy­weight 7/8 Li­mousin from M.L. Wil­liams to 111.5p (£783 at 18-months); and a Charo­lais from M.J. Booth to 108.5p. Fin­ished cat­tle av­er­ages, steers: pre­mium 10 130.50 to 108.50 (116.00); av­er­age 39 107.50 to 96.50 (102.50); oth­ers 6 94.50 to 73.50 (89.50). Heifers: pre­mium 11 139.50 to 108.50 (117.00); av­er­age 26 107.50 to 95.50 (101.50); oth­ers 11 93.50 to 80.50 (88.50). Young bulls: first qual­ity 8 118.50 to 103.50 (108.50); sec­ond qual­ity 5 102.50 to 97.50 (99.50); third qual­ity 4 76.50 to 72.50 (75.00).

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