Warn­ing over fake £20 notes

CLEVER FAKES: Third spate of coun­ter­feits in town this year

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FAKE £20 notes have been used in the town again.

Shop­keep­ers are giv­ing warn­ings af­ter be­ing passed forg­eries in Ash­ford town cen­tre in the last few weeks.

This fol­lows two other pe­ri­ods in the spring when coun­ter­feit ban­knotes were used.

Two more shops have re­ported be­ing passed fakes and oth­ers are care­fully check­ing notes passed to them over the counter.

Kamini Pa­tel, co-owner of The Cho­co­late Box newsagent in Ash­ford High Street, said: “We were passed a forgery as re­cently as Mon­day last week and they seem to be com­ing in once or twice ev­ery week.

“It is a night­mare. Each time you lose money be­cause you have sold some­one an item and given them change but ac­tu­ally been paid noth­ing.

“They can slip through when you are very busy. All we can do is be vig­i­lant. We use a marker pen to de­tect fakes.”

Jill Archer, man­ager of Gol­drush Jewellery in Ash­ford High Street, says she has been passed two coun­ter­feits in the last few weeks.

She said: “The first time it hap­pened I took cash to the bank and the cashier felt one of the notes and said it was fake.

“It hap­pened again about a week later. Th­ese ones are quite clever forg­eries and they tend to have 47 at the end of the se­rial num­ber.”

Mrs Archer has also found that th­ese phonies have no £20 fig­ure in white out­line in­side the note’s white strip.

Shop­keep­ers who re­cently found the phoney notes were due to hand them in to po­lice.

In March po­lice warned lo­cal busi­nesses to be vig­i­lant af­ter forg­eries were passed to petrol sta­tions, small shops and busi­nesses at Ash­ford Re­tail Park.

In May the Ken­tish Ex­press re­ported that The Fair Trade Shop lost £60 af­ter two men used fake notes to pay for items worth less than £1 over two days.

Gol­drush man­ager Jill Archer with the forged note, left, and a gen­uine note

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