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I WAS dis­ap­pointed to find only a very short para­graph at the end of an ar­ti­cle about The Red Wheel­ies con­cern­ing the open­ing of our new premises in County Square, Ash­ford. The Red Wheel­ies were in­vited by my­self to add in­ter­est to the open­ing of our premises. A tremendous amount of hard work has been put in to ac­quir­ing our new premises on the lower level of the new ex­ten­sion to County Square, ad­ja­cent to the dis­abled park­ing bays in the mul­ti­storey car park. We an­tic­i­pate open­ing to the pub­lic in the sec­ond week of De­cem­ber. Un­til then, we will be op­er­at­ing as nor­mal from our por­ta­ble cabin in the Vicarage Lane car park. At our of­fi­cial open­ing, our pa­tron, Amanda Cot­trell, and the na­tional fed­er­a­tion chair­man of Shop­mo­bil­ity joined with many other peo­ple who have given us tremendous sup­port. Thanks were ex­pressed to fund-raiser Trevor Meas­day, Al­bert Wal­ton, of Par­con Construction, and mem­bers of the Ash­ford Construction Fo­cus Group, along with many lo­cal sup­pli­ers for do­na­tions to the build­ing. Ash­ford’s Town Cen­tre Part­ner­ship has also given us tremendous sup­port and ad­vice. Bryan Strange, chair­man, Shop­mo­bil­ity Ash­ford. times but do noth­ing but hin­der traf­fic and cre­ate con­ges­tion dur­ing quiet times of the day. It’s poorly sign­posted on the ap­proach from the A2070 and a lot of peo­ple get into the wrong lane or switch at the last minute. It’s not just the sig­nage that causes the prob­lem, there are a lot of peo­ple who re­ally should get their eyes tested as they fail to show any abil­ity to read them. I also find there is con­fu­sion due to the num­ber of lane changes with no clear in­di­ca­tion which lanes traf­fic should be mov­ing into, some­thing that could be eas­ily re­solved by mark­ing out sim­ple “fol­low me” lines. I don’t know why no feeder lanes ex­ist for traf­fic turn­ing left at sev­eral en­try/exit points. Surely that would help keep some of the traf­fic mov­ing and cut queu­ing down. An­drew Broughton, Kingsnorth.

IN GEN­ERAL, I think the round­about works OK but there’s a lot of room for im­prove­ment (not least, the driv­ers us­ing it learn­ing to read and get­ting in the cor­rect lane). As for re­mov­ing the lights, I think it could work but there would be a need to re­duce the speed of the traf­fic. One way of do­ing that would be to do what I have seen in Spain and that is to have speed bumps at the en­trance and the exit of the round­abouts. All too of­ten in the UK driv­ers seem to think that if they are on the round­about they have a duty to hurry to the next junc­tion be­fore an­other car can get out. Bill Cum­mins, South Ash­ford.

JUNC­TION 10 doesn’t work at any level. Since June, two mem­bers of my fam­ily and I have been hit on this round­about. Peo­ple get in the in­side lane and then cut in front and race off. The speed limit should be brought down to 30mph and there should be signs say­ing “get in lane”. Jill Humphreys, Willes­bor­ough.

THE re­designed J10 works much bet­ter than I ex­pected when the pro­posed plans were pub­lished. The traf­fic lights are es­sen­tial so that it is not just the ag­gres­sive driv­ers who can en­ter the fast-mov­ing traf­fic on the round­about. Bill Blark, Ken­ning­ton.

J10 is much bet­ter now that it has been re­designed. The traf­fic lights are es­sen­tial to en­able the slower-mov­ing traf­fic, such as learner driv­ers and lor­ries, to pull out onto the round­about, oth­er­wise the traf­fic backs up, caus­ing danger­ous queues onto the mo­tor­way. The selfish driv­ers who voted to keep the lights switched off should re­mem­ber that our roads are not just for speed­ing cars and vans, but for lor­ries too. Peter Fisher, Ash­ford.

AS A reg­u­lar user and ex­pe­ri­enced driver, I find J10 very danger­ous. Lane mark­ings are a waste of time as the traf­fic in front al­ways cov­ers them. So many peo­ple end up in the wrong lane. It be­comes a free for all. How can a stranger nav­i­gate it? Com­ing off the A2070 to go onto the Folke­stonebound M20 safely across lanes is very dif­fi­cult. Over­head lane mark­ings would make things very much clearer and safer. I think they re­ally are a must. Al­though at qui­eter times con­ges­tion is bet­ter, there are still many oc­ca­sions when the lights phas­ing causes grid­lock. Why don’t we have part-time sig­nals only on mo­tor­way ex­its? Over­all dur­ing construction when there were no lights at all, it flowed well and was much safer to nav­i­gate. Bill Griggs, Ash­ford.

I USE this junc­tion at rush hour ev­ery work­ing day. If the jump­ing of red lights could be ad­dressed, I am con­vinced this would make it run without a prob­lem. Aubrey Buckles.

I GET so frus­trated now at any time of the day or night just sit­ting there wait­ing for the lights to change. Some­times late at night try­ing to get round there you sit there while there is no other traf­fic. If they won’t turn the lights off, it would help if they were only work­ing dur­ing peak times. John Luff.

SINCE the re­vamp of this round­about, get­ting out of the William Har­vey Hospi­tal, where I have worked for five years, has im­proved with the three lanes that have been made. Yes, keep traf­fic lights, as when they were not work­ing some of the traf­fic on the slip road off the mo­tor­way was not get­ting the chance to get on the round­about. There is only one thing they for­got to put back at the top of Bad Mun­stereifel Road, and that is the yel­low box on the round­about where there are now four lanes. It was af­ter the lights to stop traf­fic go­ing in this area. The traf­fic goes through the green lights, even when there is no room, hence caus­ing a back­log of traf­fic sit­ting across the main lanes on the round­about. When the lights change for the main round­about traf­fic, it causes a traf­fic jam around the rest of the round­about with the cars that need to get to the M20 Hythe Road exit etc. Su­san Hayward, Ash­ford..

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