Baby Isaac makes a dra­matic en­try

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in­son was read­ing 20-month-old son Ja­cob a bed­time story when her wa­ters broke. The cou­ple waited for Ja­cob’s grand­mother to ar­rive to take care of him.

Mrs Robin­son said: “From then on my con­trac­tions were one minute apart. I was start­ing to push as I was walk­ing out of the door.”

Hus­band James Robin­son, 32, had a strug­gle try­ing to po­si­tion his wife in the car.


She said: “We got into the car park and James was say­ing to me ‘come on, we’ve got to get out the car’, and I was say­ing ‘I can’t move, the head is right there, I re­ally can’t move, you’ve got to go and get a mid­wife and a wheel­chair’.”

Her hus­band said: “I ran into the hospi­tal, couldn’t find any­one so I went straight to the mid­wife sta­tion, grabbed some­one and said ‘look, my wife’s about to give birth’.

“They gave me a wheel­chair and I legged it all the way back. By the time I got there the baby was in her arms.”

Mrs Robin­son, who had de­liv­ered the baby her­self, was watch­ing her hus­band’s panic.


She said: “I could see James cross­ing the ze­bra cross­ing into the main re­cep­tion. At the same time baby just de­cided he was com­ing out and I scooped him up in my lap and held him tight.

“I was think­ing about wav­ing down a passer-by but thought I’d rather sit here on my own than get a stranger in­volved.”

Mr Robin­son ar­rived, took off his jumper, wrapped it around the baby to keep him warm and it was only then that the cou­ple looked and found out they had a son. The pair then watched as three mid­wives ran across the car park.

Mrs Robin­son said: “I had heard sto­ries about things like this but thought it’d never hap­pen to me. All I had been wor­ried about was whether I was go­ing to ar­rive in time for an epidu­ral.”

The 80-minute labour ended in a dra­matic few min­utes and the cou­ple do not have an ac­cu­rate time for the birth as it all hap­pened so quickly. The William Har­vey mid­wives were shocked, say­ing they had never been called to a car only to find there was al­ready a baby there.

The Robin­sons have called the baby Isaac, who Mrs Robin­son de­scribes as “The best Mother’s Day gift ever.”

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