Driven to fury by the face­less bu­reau­crats

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Now nor­mally I like to keep this col­umn light and airy, to have a fluffy look at life with a smile, put a twist on sit­u­a­tions and hope­fully turn a frown up­side down. The op­er­a­tive word in that last sen­tence was ‘nor­mally’, be­cause that’s not go­ing to hap­pen this week. Far from it, I’m an­gry, nay livid and I need to vent my an­noy­ance. You may have heard me spout­ing off about my very large and thick dossier that I have been putting to­gether. This is most cer­tainly the first time I have ever col­lated a dossier and I’ve thor­oughly en­joyed the ex­pe­ri­ence. If a sub­ject mat­ter ever af­fects me as much as this par­tic­u­lar sce­nario has, I will have ab­so­lutely no wor­ries putting to­gether an­other dossier, so be warned po­ten­tial ‘feather ruf­flers’, when there is a bee in my bon­net it takes a lot of shak­ing out. It’s all to do with the KCC’s pro­posed plans to build houses on the site of The North School Farm. A work­ing farm I has­ten to add that has been there since 1936 and has brought plea­sure to thou­sands upon thou­sand of chil­dren since its open­ing. And, while I’m at it, even if they try to skirt the bound­aries and nick some of the land, we don’t want it, bot­tom line. What on earth goes through the minds of such peo­ple that al­lows them to think that this may be deemed as a good idea? It’s truly be­yond me that a bunch of face­less bu­reau­crats, who so ob­vi­ously don’t live in the ‘gated com­mu­nity’, can even con­sider such a pre­pos­ter­ous idea. So let’s weigh up the ques­tion that must have been posed in the in­ner sanc­tum of the KCC, I think the con­ver­sa­tion could have gone some­thing like this, per­haps. “I’ve got a good idea; let’s build some more houses in Ash­ford”, says Man A. “But haven’t we al­ready got a lot of empty houses that still need to be bought?” Man B re­torts. “That’s not the point, so shut up; we can make money out of this” Man A re­sponds. Man C then de­cides to chip in with “I know what we could do as we’re des­per­ately run­ning out of space, why don’t we take some farm­land off The North School, surely they won’t care or even miss it and if we’re re­ally clever, we can do it without any­one notic­ing and per­haps we won’t even have to in­form them”. “Bril­liant” says Man A and then con­tin­ues “so to sum­marise, we’re go­ing to take away a per­fectly good work­ing farm­yard from kids who adore it, ben­e­fit from it and can even­tu­ally earn a liv­ing out of and build 25 houses that no­body wants at all?” Now of course that didn’t ac­tu­ally hap­pen, but it’s not far off surely. I for one will not let this hap­pen without a se­vere fight and I know for a fact that there are thou­sands of you out there that agree, as well as a plethora of fa­mous per­son­al­i­ties who once at­tended the school and will join the cam­paign, as well as a col­lec­tion of ‘big play­ers’ in­side ABC and in­deed West­min­ster. I urge you all to get in­volved in any way pos­si­ble to stop this trav­esty from ever com­ing to fruition and one way to do that is log on to our web­site (www.ken­tish­ex­ to add your name to our Fight for the Farm pe­ti­tion.

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