Yel­lowham­mers are slowly dis­ap­pear­ing

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One farm­land bird which is slowly dis­ap­pear­ing across Kent is the yel­lowham­mer. On the Rom­ney Marsh, yel­lowham­mers are still found down some of the quiet lanes around Brook­land and out to­wards Newchurch, and along the canal from Rye to Hythe. Yel­lowham­mers like nest­ing around gorse patches in grassy ar­eas and along thick hedgerows and the de­cline has been sig­nif­i­cant across the South East. Around 30 pairs of yel­lowham­mers used to breed on Dun­geness in the mid 1990s. Nearly 20 years later no pairs breed and they are an un­com­mon sight­ing now. The male yel­lowham­mer is a bright ca­nary yel­low colour, es­pe­cially on the head and breast with a brown rump and a streaked back. Yel­lowham­mers are in the bunt­ing fam­ily and can ap­pear

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