Res­i­dents in a bit of a flap over gull in­va­sion

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The in­ces­sant squawk­ing of seag­ulls is some­thing you ex­pect at a sea­side town but it seems the birds are flock­ing fur­ther in­land.

Ex­perts say they are swap­ping their nest­ing spots on the coast for the rooftops of towns like Ash­ford in a hunt for food.

As tra­di­tional food sources are de­clin­ing they have learned to take ad­van­tage of our waste­ful­ness and dis­carded rub­bish.

So what do peo­ple in the town think about the in­flux of the ur­ban gull and should we do any­thing about it

ccor­dion- play­ing busker Stephen Rim­mer said although he found the birds ir­ri­tat­ing, there’s not much we can do.

He said: “A few years ago some­one pro­posed feed­ing them with some stuff which would make them in­fer­tile but then a load of peo­ple said you can’t do that be­cause it’s cruel.

“But they mess ev­ery­where, just like pi­geons do, they are con­stantly fly­ing around for scraps. They are com­ing far­ther and far­ther in­land. They ir­ri­tate me while I’m play­ing be­cause they’re so noisy.”

Grand­mother Kathy Carter, of Sha­dox­hurst, thinks we should start by clear­ing up the town’s lit­ter.

She said: “When I moved down to Ash­ford I felt as if I was at the sea­side ev­ery time I woke up and heard the seag­ulls.

“They ob­vi­ously come here be­cause there’s lots of rub­bish be­ing thrown around so they are go­ing to get their food.

“If we clear up all the lit­ter and don’t leave stuff ly­ing around then they would prob­a­bly clear off too.”

Nando’s worker Mirek Magolon be­lieves we should be more tol­er­ant and leave the birds in peace.

He said: ”They are re­ally an­noy­ing but we can’t do any­thing about it

“They are an­i­mals and t hey have as much right to live here as we do. “They are not in­tim­i­dat­ing or scary and it does not mat­ter that they are here, what else can we do? “We can’t cull them be­cause we can not just kill things that ir­ri­tate us or where would we stop?”

Dad Paul Lans­ley says now that the gulls have set­tled in­land, they should be ac­cepted and ig­nored.

He said: “No mat­ter where you go nowa­days they are there, you?don’t have to be by the sea. A

“They are just part of life and peo­ple have just ac­cepted that they are there.

“It’s like any­thing, if you live on a main road you just get used to the noise. It doesn’t bother me at all, I sup­pose I’ve just stopped notic­ing them.”

Res­i­dent Cris­tian Uta says he wel­comes their sound be­cause it makes him think of the beach

He said: “I think they are lovely be­cause I like be­ing by the sea and they make me feel like I am.

“The noise doesn’t ir­ri­tate me at all, I hon­estly like it. It’s nice to feel like you’re close to the beach and I don’t agree that we should make any ef­fort to get rid of them.

“They are God’s creatures, they didn’t ask to be here.”

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Paul Lans­ley with his daugh­ter; Cris­tian Uta and his wife; ac­cor­dion player Stephen Rim­mer said seag­ulls are very ir­ri­tat­ing; Nando’s em­ployee Mirek Ma­ga­lon said seag­ulls are fine and have a right to live here too

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