The mighty Mito

Keen to main­tain the hype started by the launch of its 4C su­per­car, Alfa Romeo has in­jected some sparkle into its hatch­back range, first with the Gi­uli­etta and now the smaller Mito. re­ports.

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Key to this lat­est quick Mito is the name change. Gone is the old fa­mil­iar Clover­leaf tag, re­placed by the more flam­boy­ant-sound­ing Quadri­foglio Verde name. In truth, it’s the same thing but, like ev­ery­thing else in life, it sounds a lot more im­pres­sive in Ital­ian.

The changes are a lit­tle more than just win­dow dress­ing, how­ever. New bumpers, more kit and a spruced up cabin are the ob­vi­ous im­prove­ments, while the Mito gains the sixspeed dual-clutch gear­box from the more pow­er­ful Gi­uli­etta Quadri­foglio Verde. Looks and image

Alfa Romeo’s de­sign­ers have re­frained from mak­ing any ma­jor changes to the Mito’s ex­te­rior for this per­for­mance up­date. In truth, the car’s dis­tinc­tive look is hardly a prime can­di­date for a whole­sale facelift, and its over­size head­lights and trade­mark shield grille en­sure that it stands out in the su­per­mar­ket car park. And that’s the point: you buy an Alfa be­cause you want to make a state­ment, not shy away from the pub­lic’s gaze. Space and prac­ti­cal­ity

The Mito is a small car and its three-door lay­out en­sures that it’s not hard to find a park­ing space in town, but the trade off is lim­ited room in the back for any­one over pri­mary school age. That said, the car does boast a deep boot – although the load lip is high – and there’s am­ple odd­ment stor­age space

in the cabin. Be­hind the wheel

With its 1.4-litre turbo mo­tor push­ing out 170 horse­power, the lit­tle Mito cer­tainly feels brisk. Fac­tor in the car’s semi­auto dual clutch gear­box, and it’s easy to make rapid progress with­out ex­ert­ing much ef­fort.

The car’s chunky flat bot­tom steer­ing wheel adds a wel­come tac­tile layer to pro­ceed­ings, while the car’s na­ture en­sures plenty of fun on cor­ners.

That dual clutch gear­box is a gen­er­ous ad­di­tion to the Mito’s kit list, and although you don’t get the Gi­uli­etta’s fancy launch con­trol func­tion, you do get a swift-ac­tion gear­box plus steer­ing wheel pad­dle shifters.Leave the box in ‘D’ and it copes well with the un­pre­dictable na­ture of ur­ban com­mut­ing, too. Value for money

At this price point the Mito is in good com­pany, with the likes of Ford’s Fi­esta ST and Mini’s Cooper mod­els also keen to grab your at­ten­tion. In the Alfa’s favour is a long list of stan­dard kit plus that twope­dal gear­box. And the lit­tle Alfa isn’t such a thirsty beast, ei­ther. Mod­est CO2 and fuel con­sump­tion should help ease the pain of the pay­ments.

Price: £20,210 En­gine: 1.4-litre petrol unit pro­duc­ing 170bhp and 184lb/ft of torque Trans­mis­sion: Six-speed dual clutch gear­box driv­ing the front wheels Per­for­mance: Top speed 136mph, 0-62mph in 7.3 sec­onds Econ­omy: 52.3mpg com­bined Emis­sions: 124g/km of CO2

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