Fastest car­niv­o­rous plant in the coun­try

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An in­ter­est­ing and pe­cu­liar plant you might come across in the Kent coun­try­side is an aquatic plant which is found mainly in ditches and edges of wa­ter bod­ies – the blad­der­wort.

The name of this plant comes from the small blad­der-like sacs sub­merged in the wa­ter on the plant which trap in­ver­te­brates like wa­ter fleas and that is how they get their nour­ish­ment. The blad­ders have a trap­door and they cre­ate a vac­uum and there are bris­tles on the end, which trig­gers the trap­door to open and suck the or­gan­ism in. This mech­a­nism of catch­ing their prey has dubbed them the fastest car­niv­o­rous plant in the UK. Sci­en­tists have worked out the trap­ping of the in­ver­te­brates is 100 times faster than the Venus fly trap.

The plants do not flower ev­ery year and so pop­u­la­tions can be un­de­tected for years

The pe­cu­liar blad­der­wort

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