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Andy Gold­ing, 50, from Ash­ford, said: “I used vapers to stop smok­ing. I had to give up un­der doc­tor’s in­struc­tions. I haven’t given up va­p­ing though. I only use them at home, but it wouldn’t worry me if some­one did use them in a con­fined space. There’s no med­i­cal proof they do any harm.” Wil­liam Roe, 75, from Ash­ford: “Once I was com­ing back from the Chan­nel Is­lands on the ferry and a woman was va­p­ing from across the aisle. I didn’t like that. I don’t agree that they’re al­lowed to be used where cig­a­rettes aren’t.” Louise McGav­i­gan, 26, from Ash­ford: “I’m a smoker and I have looked into va­p­ing, but not tried it yet. I don’t like peo­ple smok­ing them in en­closed ar­eas though – I don’t like the smell. I think they should be treated like cig­a­rettes.” So­phie Grif­fin, 19, from Ash­ford, said: “I think it should be treated like a cig­a­rette. If you’re us­ing it as a cig­a­rette sub­sti­tute, you should go out­side. It’s fine smok­ing it in your house, but some peo­ple aren’t com­fort­able with it – es­pe­cially those who don’t smoke.” Bonny Doper, 72, from Ash­ford: “I’ve been smok­ing since I was 20 but vapers are help­ing re­duce my in­take. It’s also a lot cheaper. The vapour’s harm­less to other peo­ple. When you walk past some­one it doesn’t smell like cig­a­rettes. I don’t see the prob­lem. You’re not harm­ing other peo­ple. We got seg­re­gated be­cause we were smok­ing, now we’re get­ting seg­re­gated be­cause we’re us­ing vapers.” Cather­ine McKay, 61, from Ash­ford: “I don’t agree with peo­ple smok­ing them in en­closed public ar­eas be­cause it’s not known if they’re 100% harm-free.” Ge­orgina Selling, 19, from Ash­ford, said: “I’ve got a vaper but I haven’t used it. I don’t think it’s a prob­lem smok­ing them in­side – when you breathe it in, it hasn’t got the same ef­fect.”

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