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I un­der­stand that we have a “se­cret bal­lot” of pub­lic opin­ion about our coun­try’s con­tin­u­ing mem­ber­ship of the Euro­pean Union com­ing very soon in or­der to set­tle any un­happy wor­ries we may have about af­firm­ing or end­ing our agreed mem­ber­ship, and drag­ging our­selves out of this Euro­pean Union or con­firm­ing and con­sumat­ing it.

Which­ever we over­all de­cide to do now, I feel we have not been done well by those who claim daily to serve our in­ter­ests and pur­poses.

Surely, in this real world, hon­esty and truth are be­ing ob­scured de­lib­er­ately for con­flict­ing in­ter­ests’ pur­poses and this one chance we have to de­cide we should ex­er­cise prop­erly, un­hin­dered by those who now have in­flu­ence over us. No one any­where, ever should as­sume we can­not think for our­selves.

It seems to me we are be­ing treated like we are ig­no­rant, hav­ing no judge­ment, pushed along in the cor­rect di­rec­tion, when I am fairly sure that most folks know ex­actly what they need, want and how to get it. A laugh­able sit­u­a­tion if it wasn’t so se­ri­ous for all of us and those we care for and hope for. David Ber­rie Wye Road, Boughton Lees, Ash­ford

On ar­rival they go to the top of the hous­ing list, go straight on to our ben­e­fits, over­crowd our schools, our doctors’ surg­eries and our hos­pi­tals. Over two mil­lion NI num­bers have been given out al­ready.

Our coun­try has be­come an in­ter­na­tional hos­tel and our Bri­tish way of life is per­ish­ing un­der the dic­ta­tor­ship of the Euro­pean Union bu­reau­crats.

It is time to say no. It is time to take back what our fa­thers and grand­fa­thers fought for to make our coun­try free from for­eign in­tru­sion. Shame, shame, shame for for­get­ting all they fought and died for.

It is time to rule our­selves again and to make our own de­ci­sions to rule our coun­try.

Vote leave, take back what is ours and make those fought for our free­dom proud. Dave Ve­gas Willes­bor­ough and place an un­sus­tain­able bur­den upon fu­ture gen­er­a­tions.

The EU lead­er­ship is a club for the rich and where en­try is by in­vi­ta­tion and not the bal­lot box. This makes a mock­ery of Magna Carta cel­e­brat­ing 800 years in the fight for free­dom from au­thor­i­tar­ian rule. Great Bri­tain has gone it alone many times be­fore and can do so again and come out stronger. Cllr Win­ston Michael Dex­ter Close, Ken­ning­ton

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