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Many of your read­ers may still be un­de­cided be­tween vot­ing “Leave” or “Re­main” in the EU ref­er­en­dum.

No won­der, as both sides make con­tra­dic­tory claims and mostly rely on the “fear fac­tor” or ex­ploit­ing prej­u­dice to gain an ad­van­tage. But a look at the forces be­hind each cam­paign re­veals a clear fact: both rep­re­sent vested in­ter­ests.

Big busi­ness, which ben­e­fits most from open bor­ders and com­mon trad­ing rules, wants to stay in; while smaller firms who trade less abroad and have lit­tle to gain from “red tape”, tend to favour leav­ing the EU.

For the rest of us – the 99% who live by work­ing for these busi­nesses, whose share­hold­ers get rich from our labours – what dif­fer­ence will in or out make? Whether govern­ment of­fi­cials sit in White­hall, Brus­sels or the town hall, they will still serve the in­ter­ests of the mi­nor­ity who own the planet’s re­sources and ev­ery­thing re­quired to make the things we need in life, while the rest of us re­main slaves to the wages sys­tem, liv­ing in vary­ing de­grees of poverty and the fear of war and en­vi­ron­men­tal de­struc­tion.

One day we may have a gen­uine ref­er­en­dum and vote to take power for our­selves, so we can run the world for the ben­e­fit of all, not just for a few. Un­til then, I sug­gest read­ers ig­nore calls to take sides in this point­less EU cha­rade and look out for them­selves and their fam­i­lies by mak­ing sure they’re in a proper union – a trade union. Max Hess Har­bour Way, Folkestone

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