Still sod­den

Kentish Express Ashford & District - - Arson Attack -

The KE’s Re­mem­ber When colum­nist Steve Sal­ter said: “From an ex­ter­nal ig­ni­tion point, the dam­age caused is wide­spread. The roof has acted like a chim­ney and ef­fec­tively jumped the fire breaks in the roof hence Pay­dens has equally lost out to the fire.

“In­side Tesco, stock re­mains largely un­touched at a glance with many of the neat shelv­ing dis­plays still in­tact, but al­most ad­ja­cent other shelves stocked with food are burned and wrecked with the re­mains of the ceil­ing sup­port­ing it­self on top of shelves of food.

“It’s eerie to look up where the sus­pended ceil­ing and roof once sat to see the sky, like some­one has peeled back the lid of a sar­dine tin. Even af­ter nearly two weeks, ev­ery­thing is still sod­den with wa­ter and cov­ered with charred tim­bers and ash.

“From both the in­te­rior and above look­ing down, the ex­tent of the dam­age is clear, the struc­ture be­neath the roof has col­lapsed into both Tesco and Pay­dens with miles of tan­gled elec­tri­cal ca­bles strewn through­out the de­bris. Thou­sands of pounds worth of food stock and phar­macy prod­ucts will have to be writ­ten off as a re­sult.”

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