Get­ting the hump over su­per­mar­ket speed ramp

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I en­coun­tered this beastie to­day and it is with­out doubt the most vi­cious and bru­tal speed bump I have ever ne­go­ti­ated.

Apart from there be­ing no warn­ing signs - or any ev­i­dence of the con­struc­tion thereof, this new hump has made the pedes­trian cross­ing mark­ings in­vis­i­ble to car driv­ers.

I am sure that it con­tra­venes the rules re­gard­ing di­men­sions, sig­nage or the in­vis­i­ble pedes­trian cross­ing mark­ings some­where.

As care­ful as I am (some­times) I will be giv­ing Tesco Park Farm a miss un­til this is rec­ti­fied. Will Ran­som Sha­dox­hurst

The Tesco hump is in­deed ‘bru­tal’ as was stated in last week’s pa­per.

I think it is a de­lib­er­ate at­tempt to get us all to walk to the store. My new car had a shock when I went over it last week. It is too high and in my opin­ion it will dam­age cars.

For years, this ex­act spot has badly needed a traf­fic calm­ing mea­sure to stop not the young lads but mid­dle aged male BMW driv­ers and Chelsea trac­tor driv­ing women speed­ing round the bend.

It has been very dan­ger­ous for driv­ers to pull out of the petrol sta­tion be­cause of these rac­ing driv­ers.

I am glad Tesco has put up a speed bump there to avoid a se­ri­ous ac­ci­dent, but it’s a pity that they did not get height of the hump cor­rect. Devsiri He­wavi­dana Park Farm

The new speed hump at Tesco Park Farm is a dis­grace.

I have a low­ered car – fair enough that’s my fault – but it’s also my choice. I have a dis­abled pre­ma­ture son so park­ing close does help.

I came into the petrol sta­tion to­day not re­al­is­ing on my may out that I’d have to go over it. Even go­ing over it at an an­gle I dam­aged the front of my car.

The height of the speed hump is ridicu­lous and shouldn’t be that high. Tesco will have a lot of com­plaints about cars be­ing dam­aged and I think prof­its will go down as peo­ple will not shop there.

Are Tesco go­ing to put in baby spa­ces over the other side of the car park and what about dis­abled spa­ces if they can’t get over it they will have to walk fur­ther? I re­ally don’t think this has been thought through very well. Molly Martin Ash­ford

On a visit to Tesco at Park Farm last week I missed the speed bump on the way in as I went through the fuel sta­tion but I cer­tainly no­ticed it on the way out though!

It al­ready has many scrapes on it, in­di­cat­ing dam­age done to cars.

If Tesco re­ally want to im­prove safety they should do some­thing about the exit from the fuel sta­tion.

I will be shop­ping else­where un­til this haz­ard is re­moved. Denise McCom­bie Wye

Hav­ing vis­ited Tesco at Park farm I am dis­gusted at the height of the speed bump they have in­stalled.

It’s about 12 inches high. My car scraped the front and it cracked the front bumper. My car is a stan­dard Skoda Fabia.

Need­less to say I will not be shop­ping at Park Farm Tesco again. Michael Prett Kingsnorth

Drove over the new speed bump yes­ter­day. Scraped on the way in and scraped on the way out de­spite re­duc­ing speed.

Will try crawl­ing over it next time. If I still hear scrap­ing, I’ll be switch­ing su­per­mar­kets. Peter Cur­tis Sin­gle­ton

The new ramp at Tesco Ex­tra, Park Farm

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