New buses are driv­ing people away

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The win­dows they have put in the Lit­tle & Of­ten buses are use­less.

The people at the back get the cool air but the people at the front still roast on a hot day.

If you go from Ash­ford to Can­ter­bury you get a lovely bus with legroom and some­where to put your lug­gage. It’s the same if you go from Can­ter­bury to Folke­stone – a beau­ti­ful bus with lots of legroom and win­dows that give you a lovely fresh breeze.

But in Ash­ford you get a tin can on wheels that still doesn’t work prop­erly. I was told when I had a meet­ing with Stage­coach in Fe­bru­ary that it would cost too much for the com­pany to put a per­son in the Ash­ford Gate­way to see what people think about the new buses.

Now they have opened a rest room for the driv­ers in Bank Street which costs a lot more than the per­son in the Gate­way would have done. When will Stage­coach lis­ten to their cus­tomers?

They say they want to get more people to use pub­lic trans­port, but since they have in­tro­duced these Lit­tle & Of­ten buses I have seen a de­cline in the people us­ing them.

When will Stage­coach learn that be­fore they change things they need to ask the pub­lic what they would like. David Clinch High­field Road, Ash­ford

With re­gard to the Stage­coach Lit­tle & Of­ten buses, I am dis­abled and a larger lady, so to squeeze on to a tight-seated, tight-aisled minibus full of chil­dren on the school run fills me with anx­i­ety.

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