Model and pre­sen­ter Melinda Mes­sen­ger, 39, lives in Berk­shire, has three chil­dren and is mar­ried to child­hood sweet­heart Wayne Roberts. She told Kent Mo­tors what gives her a thrill be­hind the wheel.

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WHAT DO YOU DRIVE? I’ve got a Toy­ota Rav 4. It’s a lovely lit­tle car ac­tu­ally. Wayne has a Chrysler Grand Voy­ager. That’s kind of like the fam­ily wagon, and mine’s nice and nippy for get­ting about town, drop­ping the kids off and that kind of thing. WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST CAR? A lit­tle beige Metro that was a bit like a roller skate that would never start prop­erly. I lit­er­ally used to have to put my foot on the floor and rock it back­wards and for­wards un­til it moved. It was like a lit­tle dodgem, but I loved it. About £300 it was. WHAT WAS YOUR BEST/ WORST CAR? I had a re­ally gor­geous metal­lic MG and it was in this beau­ti­ful ma­genta pur­ple with a leather in­te­rior. It was a re­ally lovely lit­tle car, but I lent it to my brother, who then went and wrote it off one icy morn­ing, so that was one of my favourites. Oh, I also had a red Mini with a union jack on the roof. That was pretty cool as well. I’d say the worst car from my point of view, though it was Wayne’s favourite, was a BMW Z3, and it was only the worst in as much as it was just re­ally im­prac­ti­cal to go any­where be­cause there was not much boot space. It was be­fore we had kids and ev­ery­thing was crammed in the front. I’m a bit more into my com­fort now. WHAT IS YOUR DREAM CAR? A lit­tle Nis­san Fi­garo. I ab­so­lutely adore them. They’re just so gor­geous. I re­ally must get one of those one day. DO YOU CON­SIDER YOUR­SELF TO BE A GOOD DRIVER? I think I’m a very good driver. I’ve been driv­ing since I was 18. WHAT DO YOU AL­WAYS KEEP IN YOUR GLOVE BOX? Tis­sues and wipes – very nec­es­sary when you’ve got small chil­dren, and an emer­gency snack or two, and a bot­tle of wa­ter and a pen. WHAT DRIVES YOU MAD BE­HIND THE WHEEL? Peo­ple that don’t let you out. There’s noth­ing worse than when peo­ple can see you wait­ing there and there is an op­por­tu­nity to let you out but they don’t. WHAT’S THE BEST MU­SIC TO DRIVE TO? Ra­dio 1 dur­ing the day then I switch over to Magic or Heart in the evening. HAVE YOU EVER HAD A CRASH? Touch wood I’ve not had any ac­ci­dents, though I did re­verse a car into a tree one day. That’s be­cause all the kids were talk­ing at once so I got slightly dis­tracted, but luck­ily we weren’t mov­ing very fast so we were fine. Noth­ing you couldn’t knock out. WHO WOULD BE YOUR PER­FECT PAS­SEN­GER? My fam­ily. Wayne is a re­ally good pas­sen­ger to have be­cause I’m not so hot on di­rec­tions and he’s bril­liant. WHAT’S THE CRA­ZI­EST THING YOU’VE EVER DONE IN A CAR? Prob­a­bly get­ting changed in the car. That’s the most chal­leng­ing thing. WHO CLEANS YOUR CAR AND HOW OF­TEN? I take it up to Sains­bury’s and it gets washed there, or Wayne will give it a good vac­uum out for me.

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