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1 In which coun­try is the city of Lima?

2 Which coun­try hosted the Euro 2004 foot­ball tour­na­ment?

3 Which Bri­tish jockey was jailed for tax eva­sion?

4 Where in Lon­don are the Royal Botan­i­cal Gar­dens?

5 The maple is the na­tional em­blem of which coun­try?

6 Which place in Kent was called Sedinge­bourne by the Sax­ons?

7 Which English king had a min­strel named Blon­del?

8 Which Ro­man god­dess gives her name to the month of June?

9 Who is this – and how old is he?

10 Which leader gave his name to


11 Skurl is the sound made by which in­stru­ment?

12 What is a foot man­i­cure called?

13 What colour was

Cilla Black’s maiden name?

14 What is the name of the wax struc­ture used by bees?

15 What award is known by the ini­tials DCM 16 For which F1 team does Nico Hulken­berg drive?

17 Hood, a slang word for gang­ster, is an ab­bre­vi­a­tion of what word?

18 What is a lam­prey?

19 Who was Ed­ward VI’S fa­ther?

20 What ex­hi­bi­tion did Queen Vic­to­ria open in May 1851?

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