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and nice and moist. I’m def­i­nitely more of a leg man, and usu­ally don’t have to fight for one, but for me the main at­trac­tion of the meal is the pigs in blan­kets! As far as I’m con­cerned, when it comes to se­lect­ing the sausages you’re go­ing to wrap in ba­con, you don’t have to be too picky, just as long as it’s not hot dog sausages.

“In my mum’s Christ­mas din­ner – which is pretty un­beat­able, by the way – it’s in the sides that it re­ally bounds ahead of the reg­u­lar Sun­day roast.you’ll have your peas, but this time you have ham and onion cooked with them. Then there’s your cab­bage, but we’ll have that mixed in with ba­con and car­bonara sauce, and rather than it you don’t want that to then have flavours of the meat in it – you want it to stand on its own.when it comes to gravy, I’m pretty easy whether it’s the thick or thin kind, but what we do is pour it in the tray that the meat was cooked in, so you’re get­ting those flavours in there, and we’ll mix some white wine in there, too. For me, there’s no need for cran­berry or bread sauce.

“Ob­vi­ously it’s best eaten while wear­ing the hats that come out of the crack­ers – but my head’s too big and rips them! I’ll al­ways come back for sec­onds, and by the time it’s over there’s usu­ally two or three of us bloated with turkey and trim­mings and com­pletely conked out on the sofa.and very happy about it!”

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