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“Plenty. Be­cause Rich [Ward, Fozzy gui­tarist] and Frank [Fontsere, Fozzy drum­mer] were do­ing an­other Stuck Mojo record, I re­turned to the WWE, and we de­cided to pull a very Iron Maiden-style move and took the year off from Fozzy. I def­i­nitely missed the band – noth­ing can re­place the feel­ing of play­ing live with them – but I’ve had a great time. I kinda want to be the David Bowie of wrestling, where I’m al­ways chang­ing things up. Rein­vent­ing my char­ac­ter has made this one of the most fun years I’ve had in WWE.” AND HOW MUCH FUN WAS IT DE­LIB­ER­ATELY SPREAD­ING DIS­IN­FOR­MA­TION ABOUT AVENGED SEV­EN­FOLD’S ‘SE­CRET’ AL­BUM? “It was re­ally cool.the guys were on my Talk Is Jeri­cho pod­cast, and they were scared it would leak, and I told them that my wrestling ex­pe­ri­ence had taught me a few tricks, in­clud­ing the old bait and switch, where you make peo­ple think one thing and then sur­prise them from an­other di­rec­tion.we came up with the idea of me post­ing a meme and then tak­ing it down as if I’d fucked up, and it worked so well that even mag­a­zines were re­port­ing my bull­shit­voltaic Oceans ti­tle!” WHO WAS THE BEST GUEST YOU HAD ON TALK IS JERI­CHO? “I had so many great ones it’s hard to say, though I think it doesn’t get much bet­ter than [Black Sab­bath gui­tarist] Tony Iommi. He’s not just an ab­so­lute leg­end but also a great guy. I’d never met him be­fore and he came in and was super friendly and super happy, and we had a tremen­dous con­ver­sa­tion. Hav­ing Alice Cooper on was great too, and the Avenged Sev­en­fold one that we broad­cast the night The Stage came out where they dis­cussed the ideas be­hind the record made for a great

com­pan­ion to it, and I loved that one.” AS A LIFELONG ME­TAL­LICA FAN, HOW BIG A DEAL WAS THE NEW RECORD TO YOU? “It was a huge deal. It’s be­come so rare that they put a record out that it’s an event, and I think all of us as heavy metal fans wor­ship the ground they walk on, and af­ter such a wait there is so much ex­cite­ment. there are only three bands whose records I’ll still buy as phys­i­cal copies: Fozzy, Iron Maiden and Me­tal­lica, and I cer­tainly got Hard­ Self-de­struct on vinyl. I think that they came out swing­ing with this crazy three-minute thrash song built to crush heads re­minded ev­ery­one who the fuck they were deal­ing with, it made us hunger more for the record, and it re­ally didn’t dis­ap­point.” YOU HAVE A NEW BOOK OUT IN 2017 – DID YOU SPEND A LOT OF TIME WORK­ING ON IT? “I did, yeah. writ­ing a book isn’t easy, it takes a long time and there’s a lot of rewrites in­volved, and this one is quite a dif­fer­ent style for me, in that it’s kind of a self-help and ‘how to achieve your dreams’ thing. Hav­ing set Fozzy aside for the year also made do­ing that much eas­ier. there’s no short­cut when it comes to writ­ing a book, and that I could do that and have such a good time in WWE re­ally does clear the path for Fozzy to come back so big and so hard in 2017.” WHAT RE­ALLY MADE YOU LAUGH? “The TV show Vice Prin­ci­pals with Danny Mcbride. He’s such a fuck­ing ass­hole in ev­ery char­ac­ter he plays, and he nails that awk­ward ‘I can’t be­lieve he’s do­ing this’ kind of com­edy. I loved the David Brent film, too, for the same rea­sons, but then hav­ing grown up in Canada Bri­tish hu­mour has al­ways res­onated with me!” WHO WAS 2016’S BIG­GEST ASSCLOWN? “I don’t re­ally think about things like that, but I think maybe the big­gest ass­clowns were the pro­tes­tors af­ter Trump was elected. It doesn’t mat­ter if I’m a Trump guy or not, what they did was to ba­si­cally protest democ­racy it­self.there have been pres­i­dents I like and ones I don’t like, but that’s what liv­ing in Amer­ica riot and de­stroy the prop­erty of others be­cause you don’t like the re­sult makes no sense to me.”

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