THE SONGS THAT MY After re­leas­ing last young rene­gade, ALL TIME LOW’S six-string Co­me­dian is un­sur­pris­ingly All About songs that re­mind him of Mis­spent nights. like stage-div­ing nose-first into A Crowd…

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AN­THEM PART Two BLINK-182 “When­ever I hear this song it re­minds me of sit­ting in my room with my gui­tar and try­ing to learn how to play it for hours. It’s an easy song, but I was pretty bad at gui­tar, so it took a lit­tle time. I def­i­nitely drove my par­ents nuts with my end­less at­tempts to play it. In fact, they pretty much hated it when I played gui­tar. But they bought it for me, so it’s their fault!” FIND It: Take Off Your Pants And Jacket (2001) BAS­KET CASE GREEN DAY “I re­mem­ber first hear­ing this com­ing from my brother’s room, and that was what turned me onto punk. I loved the not­giv­ing-a-fuck at­ti­tude, the snarling gui­tars and catchy cho­ruses, and that it didn’t sound too hard to do. It was an­other one I sat in my room and tried to play, and we cov­ered it in the band early on, and we still jam it out at re­hearsals just for fun.” FIND It: Dookie (1994)


“This is such an epic song to do live, and I’d love to play it. I love the dy­nam­ics of it, how it starts out so quiet and builds into this huge song with an in­cred­i­ble cho­rus. I could see the verses maybe be­ing All Time Low­i­fied, but it’s a song that I don’t think you’d want to fuck with too much, be­cause it’s per­fect the way it is.”

FIND It: The Colour And The Shape (1997) COME ONE, COME ALL ALL TIME LOW “The prob­lem with this is that it doesn’t stand up against the other songs on [sec­ond al­bum] So Wrong, It’s Right, and I feel like we could have done it much bet­ter. It felt pretty good at the time.we liked it, but the older you get the more ex­pe­ri­ence that comes with it, and when you look back you can see things maybe a bit more clearly. I think if we were to redo it, we could def­i­nitely im­prove it.” FIND It: So Wrong, It’s Right (2007) HEART FLOR “They’re su­per-vibey, they’re re­ally tal­ented, and they’re also lovely peo­ple. I met them through our record la­bel, and one of the gui­tar play­ers sent me their al­bum and as soon as I put it on I fell in love with it. I love the cool mes­sage be­hind this song, and any of the tracks on the al­bum make for a great sound­track to night driv­ing.” FIND It: Sights And Sounds (2015)


“This is a song that moves every­one, in­clud­ing our­selves. It felt re­ally good when we wrote and recorded it, and though early on the cho­ruses and bridges were dif­fer­ent it still came to­gether quite quickly, and once we had it right we knew it was right. Still, I don’t think we re­alised just how spe­cial it was and what it would do for our band. It’s a song that even now af­fects peo­ple so much when we play it.” FIND It: Noth­ing Per­sonal (2009)


“I’ve been lis­ten­ing to this al­bum a lot, and I think this song is awe­some. It’s su­per-rad and has such a good vibe, and I get pumped when I lis­ten to it – though God knows what it’s about! It’s one of those songs that you can throw on at any time. I’ve seen him live and his shows are su­per-high-en­ergy, and there’s lots of mosh­ing.” FIND It: Birds In The Trap Sing Mcknight (2016)

“I could SEE Foo Fight­ers’ Ever­long be­ing ALL time LOW-IFIED…” jack BARAKAT

THE SONG THAT’S HARD­EST TO PLAY IS… OH, CALAMITY! ALL TIME LOW “I love this song – it’s one of my favourites – but it has a su­per-chal­leng­ing gui­tar part. It’s quite tech­ni­cal and vibey, and there’s some fin­ger pick­ing in­volved, which isn’t re­ally my strong suit, and it took a lot of ef­fort for me to nail it. I didn’t re­ally think too much about hav­ing to do it at shows when track­ing it, but I grew to like the chal­lenge of play­ing it live – and not run­ning around the stage for a while!” FIND It: Don’t Panic: It’s Longer Now! (2013) THE SONG THAT MAKES ME WANT TO CRY IS… HEY JEAL­OUSY Gin Blos­soms “I lis­tened to this band a lot when I was in high school, and this song in par­tic­u­lar re­minds me of when I first started driv­ing. When I say it makes me cry it’s mostly a good cry, be­cause it takes me right back to that time in my life. But there’s also some real nos­tal­gic yearn­ing there, and it def­i­nitely makes me think back to be­ing a teenager and think­ing things were so much bet­ter then!” FIND It: New Mis­er­able Ex­pe­ri­ence (1992) THE SONG WITH THE GREAT­EST LYRICS IS… HEART­BREAK WAR­FARE JOHN MAYER “I think John Mayer is a lyri­cal ge­nius, and he paints such a vivid pic­ture – par­tic­u­larly on this song. It’s a re­ally dif­fer­ent ap­proach to writ­ing about this sub­ject, and he does it in such a cool way. It re­ally sucks me in, and I wouldn’t say it re­ally con­nects with me on a per­sonal level, but he has a way of writ­ing that makes it seem like he’s been through the worst of it, and no-one else can touch that.” FIND It: Bat­tle Stud­ies (2009) THE BEST SONG EVER IS… COME AS YOU ARE NIR­VANA “There are so many songs in Nir­vana’s discog­ra­phy I love, and ev­ery­thing about this one is amaz­ing. I love how raw and hon­est it is: it re­ally makes you feel how Kurt was feel­ing when he wrote it. It has a great dy­namic, and I also love that it’s re­ally straight­for­ward. It’s pow­er­ful, but not showy. Lyri­cally, it def­i­nitely con­nects with me, I think it has a re­ally good mes­sage about be­ing who you want to be and not chang­ing for other peo­ple.” FIND It: Nev­er­mind (1991) A SE­CRET ABOUT ONE OF MY SONGS IS… LAST YOUNG RENE­GADE ALL TIME LOW “The ti­tle-track of our new record wasn’t al­ways go­ing to ac­tu­ally make it on there. We wrote it so early in the process that it wasn’t a pri­or­ity, but go­ing back through the demos it be­came a re­ally prom­i­nent song, and it not only be­came the name of the al­bum but also the theme of it. It’s a spe­cial song to us in that way. It kind of crept up on us and then changed the land­scape of the whole record.” FIND It: Last Young Rene­gade (2017)

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