FRESH (Spe­cial­ist Sub­ject) The (not-so) se­cret Diary of Kathryn Woods and her Diy punks

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1short hair, Don’t care

A very pretty, un­der­stated, re­flec­tive opener that sets the Lon­don band’s stall out. Let’s get in­tro­spec­tive, peo­ple.

2GET Bent

‘I’ll fuck­ing lis­ten to MCR,’ wails singer Kathryn. As well as be­ing a bril­liant punk-pop (there’s a dif­fer­ence) racket, Fresh’s de­but is es­sen­tially her teenage diary set to mu­sic.

3Bi­ble camp

Forty-one sec­onds of hy­per­ac­tive, giddy, anx­ious bril­liance.

4i’ll Be Back

‘I’m hop­ing that these an­tide­pres­sants / Will help me feel a lit­tle less an­tide­pressed…’ You shouldn’t laugh, but we did.

5fuck my life

Isn’t it weird how in­tox­i­cat­ing mis­ery is? And if Kathryn is read­ing this, we hope you’re okay, mate.


If you’re a fan of The Buz­zcocks or the Tele­vi­sion Per­son­al­i­ties, you’ll get a real kick of out this one.

7Wish you Were here

Muso snobs in Al­ter Bridge T-shirts will say,‘but they can’t play.’ They’d be wrong, but writ­ing songs this catchy is the real tal­ent.

8six months

At over two min­utes, this may well be this band’s Novem­ber Rain.

9Good­bye suck­ers

We’re Ker­rang! so we’re obliged to say,‘wtf is this wimpy shit?’ But fuck it, this is re­ally pretty.

10lead ash­tray

Any­one who’s ever thought ‘Why can’t my brain work prop­erly?’ will re­late to this.

11no BIG Deal

One of the rea­sons we’ve cham­pi­oned DIY in­die-rock so heav­ily in Ker­rang! in re­cent months is be­cause in times like these, when we’re soak­ing in in­for­ma­tion, when the world moves so fast, bands like Fresh are im­por­tant; in their hon­esty, in the way their mu­sic cuts through show­biz and sheen.that doesn’t have much to do with the ac­tual song, but we thought it a good a time as any to say it.

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