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What’s your anti-fas­cist jam?

EDI­TOR: James Mcma­hon (Po­lit­i­cal Song For Michael Jack­sonto Sing by the Min­ute­men.the line,‘me, naked with text­book po­ems / Spout foun­tain against the Nazis’ is killer. Poignant, but never po-faced) ART EDI­TOR: Steve Beech (Al­lyou Fas­cists by Billy Bragg)

DEPUTY EDI­TOR: Sam Coare (Haven’t you heard?twit­ter says pol­i­tics and mu­sic don’t go to­gether) AS­SO­CIATE EDI­TOR (RE­VIEWS): Nick

Ruskell (Sab­bat – Be­hindthe Crooked Cross. ‘His­tory re­peats it­self, of this fact I am sure / Stu­pid­ity de­feats us if its lessons we ig­nore’) DEPUTY ART EDI­TOR: Matt Dykzeul (Rea­gany­outh – Ne­waryans.‘death to the Nazis and the Klu Klux Klan!’ Enough said) AS­SO­CIATE EDI­TOR (PRO­DUC­TION): Emily Carter (State Ofthe Union by Rise Against) LISTINGS EDI­TOR: James Hin­gle (Nazi White Trash by Leftöver Crack. Fuck Nazis, ba­si­cally…)


Par­sons (Heroes Get Re­mem­bered, Le­gends Never Die by Fouryear Strong.‘when we team up, team up, we al­ways seem to bring this place to the ground’), Jennyfer J.walker (Green Day’s Bang Bang – the “No Trump, no KKK, no fas­cist USA” ver­sion)

DIG­I­TAL EDI­TOR: Bob Foster (Bashthe Fash by Oi Pol­loi. Not a sub­tle song by any means, but I’m in­clined to agree with the sen­ti­ment)

CON­TRIB­U­TORS: Matt Allen, Eve Bar­low, Steve Beebee, Paul Bran­ni­gan, Jes­sica Bridge­man, Ryan De Fre­itas, Ce­cilia Din­woodie, Mar­i­anne Eloise, Hannah Ewens, Ge­orge Garner, James Hickie,wil­liam T. Jack, Sam Law,alis­tair Lawrence, John Long­bot­tom, James Mackin­non, Jake Richard­son,alma Roda-gil,amit Sharma,tom Shep­herd, Dan Slessor, Mark Suther­land, Olly Thomas, Ben Tip­ple, Paul Travers, Ian Win­wood, Rod Yates, Si­mon Young, Ray Zell.

PHO­TOG­RA­PHERS: Tom Barnes, David Bergman, Lind­sey Byrnes, Chris Casey, Ian Collins, Car­rie Daven­port,andy Ford,andy Gal­lagher, Paul Har­ries, Jeremy Har­ris, Lisa John­son,an­drew Lipovsky,ash­ley Maile,tom Martin, Martin Philbey,an­drew Timms, Neil Visel, Dave Wil­lis. SPE­CIAL THANKS TO: Stu Gar­neys (Pro­pa­gandhi –The Only Good Fas­cist Isav­ery Dead Fas­cist. Lyrics are hi­lar­i­ous!).

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