Black metal’s odd­est new star on hor­ri­ble tea, Blood, and corey tay­lor Blow­ing his pants off…

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ON ROCK’N’ROLL… Have you ever shed blood in the name of rock’n’roll? “There was one time I cut my hand on­stage in Newyork, prob­a­bly be­cause I have ter­ri­ble tech­nique. It wasn’t even in Zeal & Ar­dor – it was some pop gig that was noth­ing like the blood­cur­dling stuff I do now, so the crowd didn’t even care for it. In­stead of scream­ing,‘fuck yeah! More blood!’ they were prob­a­bly won­der­ing if I was okay!”

What’s the long­est you’ve ever gone With­out sleep?

“Prob­a­bly around 36 hours, but this is go­ing to sound so dis­ap­point­ing: I was writ­ing and thought if I didn’t sleep, I might write bet­ter mu­sic. At the time, I was con­vinced it was the best stuff ever! After sleep­ing for a while and lis­ten­ing back to what I cre­ated, it was ab­so­lute shit.there weren’t even any drugs in­volved – I drank a high­ly­caf­feinated tea that’s stronger than cof­fee, but in­stead of us­ing boil­ing wa­ter to make it, I used Mon­ster En­ergy drink. It was the most dis­gust­ing and vile thing I’ve ever put into my body.”

Have you ever Had a gun pointed in your face?

“Yes I have, but it was only a joke and def­i­nitely not a life-threat­en­ing sit­u­a­tion. It was ju­ve­nile, al­co­hol­fu­elled stu­pid­ity.when I was 19, I went to study physics at the nu­clear de­fence lab­o­ra­tory [the Spiez Lab­o­ra­tory] in Switzer­land, but in or­der to do that, I had to do this mil­i­tary thing and carry a fuck­ing ri­fle! So this was just some stupid thing, like join­ing the mil­i­tary, to be hon­est.” Nu­clear physics? De­fence? Switzer­land? You had the plot of a James Bond movie there and you blew it… FAIL­URES AND F’UPS…

What’s the Worst cock-up you’ve ever Had on­stage?

“When we were re­cently open­ing for Prophets Of Rage in Lux­em­bourg. I was sup­posed to sing be­tween the songs, and nor­mally I have per­fect pitch, but that day I fuck­ing didn’t! I freestyled my way in and glided up a scale that sounded hor­ could ac­tu­ally see peo­ple winc­ing in the au­di­ence.they were not into it at all.”

What’s the Worst lyric that you’ve ever Writ­ten?

“There’s so much to choose from here! Prob­a­bly the lyrics ‘Stay in the streets and out of school’ from a song called Stay In The Streets And Out Of School. It’s a song I wrote while I was play­ing as Bird­mask, and there’s no way of fix­ing that one.writ­ing some­thing com­pletely dif­fer­ent would be the only rem­edy.” And they say black metal’s a bad in­flu­ence… LIFE­STYLES OF THE RICH AND FA­MOUS… What fa­mous per­son Have you been most starstruck to meet? “Slavoj Žižek. He’s a fa­mous com­mu­nist dude that came to do a talk at NYU [Newyork Univer­sity] and I snuck in to see him.the guy is like a su­per­star in the­o­ret­i­cal pol­i­tics. He has very in­ter­est­ing ideas that are pretty rad­i­cal, and I ad­mire that in a per­son.though I can’t sub­scribe to ev­ery­thing he says, of course…”

WHO is the most fa­mous fan of Zeal & ar­dor?

“It’s a three-way tie – there’s Tom Morello, Slash and Corey Tay­ far as cop-outs go, at least that’s a de­cent one! But I’ve prob­a­bly lis­tened to Corey Tay­lor the most – I loved Slipknot grow­ing up and they’ve in­flu­enced ev­ery­thing I do. See­ing him lik­ing stuff I post on Twit­ter blew my pants off!” There’s some sort of fart joke here, but we’re too grown up to make it… ON THE HY­PO­THET­I­CAL… you get to front any band from His­tory. WHO do you pick? “Shit, that’s a tough one… I’m gonna go with Mr. Bun­gle! My favourite al­bum of theirs is Cal­i­for­nia [1999]. I dis­cov­ered them while get­ting into strange mu­sic, and they are one of the most fa­mous ex­am­ples of avant­garde sounds. I like the play­ful­ness they ap­proach it with – it’s not the­o­rist, it’s ac­tu­ally re­ally, re­ally in­ter­est­ing.” if you ruled the World, What’s the first law you’d en­act? “You have to pass a test to have chil­ can’t just pop them out like that – in my ideal world, you’d have to prove your abil­ity. It’s kinda ridicu­lous when you think about it; you need to pass tests to drive a car, don’t you? You can’t just cre­ate peo­ple! The pop­u­la­tion fig­ures are get­ting a bit silly.” Well, Nu­clear War 2017 is go­ing to take care of that over-pop­u­la­tion prob­lem, so you’d do well to have a dif­fer­ent pol­icy in your back pocket… SPIR­I­TUAL HEADMELTER… your al­bum is called devil is fine, but is He re­ally? “Fuck yeah, he is! I think the Devil is what we ac­tu­ally want – he’s all those urges we sup­press. Some­times we have to ac­tu­ally give into them – and that is the Devil, who, in my eyes, is fine! We all have a Devil in­side of us, it’s just a ques­tion of hon­esty. You can be all Catholic and sup­press it and get stom­ach ul­cers, or you can go ahead and tackle it!” Tackle the Devil? After you, pal…


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