There’s a brand-new Weezer record! But what in­car­na­tion of the band are we get­ting this time? We hon­estly have no idea


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WEEZER HAVE changed many times, and not al­ways for the best.yet over the years, they have also re­mained fa­mil­iar, as the coolest un­cool kids in the room. Since 2014’s Ev­ery­thing Will Be Al­right In The End, though, the West Coast­ers have been keen to as­sert that the good ship Weezer is Back On Track. Ref­er­enc­ing the ques­tion­able mu­si­cal di­ver­sions they’ve taken on that al­bum’s lead sin­gle, Back To The Shack, Rivers Cuomo ad­mit­ted,‘i thought I’d get a new au­di­ence / I for­got that disco sucks.’ And yet, three years later, Pa­cific Day­dream is un­doubt­edly a dance­able record.

That’s right.weezer have made an al­bum to move to.amidst the smooth gui­tars and vo­cal har­monies that sprawl ev­ery­where like spilled honey, sul­try club beats and good vi­bra­tions lie. Sure, Pa­cific Day­dream may throw all kinds of awk­ward shapes, and will prob­a­bly knock over a few drinks, but it re­ally doesn’t care if you’re watch­ing.and it’s that care­free at­ti­tude that makes it work, for the most part.

Nat­u­rally, there is some over­lap with last year’s sun-kissed col­lec­tion,weezer (The White Al­bum), and opener Mex­i­can Fen­der acts as the bridge from beach days to long nights.a catchy gui­tar riff, a girl too cool for school – so far, so Weezer. But it’s the stop-start rhythms and eu­phoric synths lin­ing the cho­rus that set limbs in mo­tion. By the time you ar­rive at Get Right, the beats are pump­ing and Rivers’ falsetto vo­cals per­fectly apes the R&B croon.yet the lyrics still mark him as the wall­flower with the biggest ideas, a mix of the usual nerves and awk­ward­ness. Cru­cially, the only gui­tar solo on Pa­cific Day­dream is a taste­ful acous­tic noo­dle on nos­tal­gic closer,any Friend Of Diane’s, which re­flects a ten­der heart in­side the club­land he­do­nism.

All this means that not ev­ery­one will like it, how­ever, and those crav­ing the fuzzy nerdery of the Blue or Green al­bums may be left want­ing by this al­bum’s vibes. But that’s okay, be­cause Weezer are cur­rently in a place where, if you don’t dig what they’ve done, they’ll have some­thing else for you soon enough. They’re still the same band at heart, the big dif­fer­ence is these days they don’t sweat it as much.this is Weezer ex­per­i­ment­ing a lit­tle, while still re­main­ing recog­nis­ably them. For those down for this sort of thing, stick on your danc­ing shoes and go with Pa­cific Day­dream’s flow. DOWN­LOAD: Get Right,any Friend Of Diane’s. FOR Fans OF: Paramore, Fall Out Boy.

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