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HOW DID YOUR NERVES HOLD UP TONIGHT? “I’d be ly­ing if I said I wasn’t scared and ner­vous as fuck be­fore the show, but I’m feel­ing good about how it went. Now that it’s over, I have so many mixed emo­tions. There’s a lot of re­lief for us, and a lot of dis­be­lief. Mostly, though, there’s this sense of,‘holy shit! Did that ac­tu­ally all just hap­pen!?’” IT’S CRAZY TO THINK YOU’RE THE SAME BAND WHO HEADLINED THE BARFLY JUST THREE YEARS AGO. ARE YOU AWARE OF JUST HOW UN­USU­ALLY RAPID THAT PRO­GRES­SION IS? “I know, it’s men­tal! I think since we’ve been a band, the world in gen­eral has moved very fast at the same time. I mean, I’ll take it.with­out a doubt, this is the most in­sane thing we’ve ever done and it’s my proud­est achieve­ment to date.” DO YOU HAVE A STAND­OUT MEM­ORY FROM THE SHOW? “In Bloom. Look­ing around at ev­ery­one singing along to it re­ally got me. I took a men­tal snap­shot of it, and the sight of a sold­out Brix­ton Academy singing those words back to me is one of the things that I’ll re­mem­ber for the rest of my life. I’m sure a lot of peo­ple will ques­tion how and why we’ve got here, but we’ve done it, and fuck any­one who talks shit about it. The peo­ple that re­ally mat­ter are the peo­ple who came to see us play tonight. Those are our peo­ple.”

kkkkk = clas­sic kkkk = ex­cel­lent kkk = good kk = av­er­age k = poor Life’s not out to get you, but those fire balls might be RAT­INGS

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