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When asked about quite how Knocked Loose ended up here – lit­er­ally, shar­ing a bill with metal and pop-punk bands alike – Bryan af­fec­tion­ately looks back on a gig they played that might come as a sur­prise to hard­core purists. “We played a rap show in Newyork City with Danny Brown,” he grins. “it was an event spon­sored by Adi­das, and we were the only band on the bill. It was free in the mid­dle of New York City, and there were so many peo­ple there.” Do you think your var­ied mu­si­cal up­bring­ing has helped you in not re­strain­ing your­self to just hard­core shows? “I’m lucky enough that ev­ery sin­gle mem­ber of the band fully agrees with that,” af­firms Bryan .“it’s just al­ways been our goal.we don’t wanna do one thing – I love see a lot of hard­core bands just be a hard­core band, and they’ll hit this ceil­ing.and it’s like they ei­ther sink or swim.and then you have bands like Ter­ror, who did everything they could for hard­core, and then they broke through that ceil­ing and did the Warped Tour. It just puts you in front of peo­ple who wouldn’t hear you oth­er­wise.” No­tably, too, Bryan looks at the no­tion of genre as re­dun­dant, not even blink­ing at the idea that in just a cou­ple of hours, aussie pop-rock­ers Tonight Alive will be performing in the ex­act same spot as him. “It’s very much a topic that I wish would die,” he ad­mits. “i know the met­al­core and hard­core thing is a huge de­bate, but that just puts so many peo­ple in a bub­ble. there are kids that are diehard hard­core fans that just refuse to lis­ten to us be­cause some­body said that we were met­al­core once.and that’s fine, I’m used to the crit­i­cism, but why would you want that for your­self?” Whether he planned it that way or not, Bryan Gar­ris has be­come one of the cat­a­lysts for artists tran­scend­ing their roots.and he’s chuffed to be mak­ing such an im­pact. “I un­der­stand that peo­ple like what they like, and that’s okay,” Bryan con­cedes. “but I just love everything.and I don’t think that makes me any less of a ‘hard­core kid’. I feel like a lot of peo­ple pi­geon­hole them­selves be­cause they’re afraid of not be­ing a ‘hard­core kid’. I don’t have to prove any­thing to any­body: I don’t have to show any­one my card to prove to them that I’ve been in hard­core for as long as I have.” Re­fresh­ing. Ma­ture. In­fec­tious. Call it what­ever you like, but Knocked Loose’s ap­proach to their graft is com­mend­able, and some­thing we can all learn from. “I’m play­ing the mu­sic that I want to play,” he smiles. “and at the end of the day, that’s the most im­por­tant thing.” FOR MORE INFO ON THE UNIFY GATH­ER­ING, SEE UNIFYGATHERING.COM

Has any­one seen Bryan’s legs?

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