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THERE’S A LOT OF AL­BUM HERE.WAS THAT PLANNED? “No. There’s no plan. There’s never a plan. That must be a myth, that bands have a plan. We’ve lit­er­ally never sat down and had a meet­ing and gone, ‘I wanna do this.’ And even if there was, it’s never come out the way it was meant to!”

SO HOW DID YOU END UP WITH SO MUCH MA­TE­RIAL? “We just started writ­ing. I was into what I called ‘mix­tapes’. We’d write three songs, and then record them re­ally fast – not even prop­erly fin­ished, just to get it done. Then go back and write three more. It was demos at the time, and we had the in­ten­tion of re-record­ing it at some point, but there was so much spon­tane­ity and so much cre­ativ­ity that songs were pour­ing out of us. The la­bel were like,‘do 10 songs,’ but we’d recorded 15! And we couldn’t work out how to cut the last five. In some way, they had to be to­gether to make other songs make sense.”

YOU SEEM TO BE AWARE THAT NOT EV­ERY­ONE’S GO­ING TO LIKE ALL THE MU­SIC ON HERE… “Well, yeah. Some peo­ple are go­ing to hear a song like Bas­tards and go,‘uh?’ But we don’t work in an al­bum era any more. Be­cause of stream­ing, we work in a sin­gles era.we’ve got sin­gles and bangers on there, but if you want to in­ves­ti­gate more, there’s plenty more on there, too!”

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