Why is Mr Os­bourne still the Prince Of Fuck­ing Dark­ness? Let this lot ex­plain…

Kerrang! (UK) - - Cover Story -

Liam Cormier

Can­cer Bats “He’s fuck­ing do­ing it! I think the thing that’s so rad about Ozzy is that he’s al­ways throw­ing a vibe. He’s al­ways had this per­sona, where he’s bring­ing this amaz­ing show and bring­ing this en­ergy, but do­ing it from head to toe. Maybe he’s not run­ning around the stage anymore, but he’s still go­ing hard at it.”

Win­ston Mccall

Park­way Drive “C’mon – it’s Ozzy! He lit­er­ally per­son­i­fies metal. The dude has lived it his en­tire life. He’s a moth­er­fucker. It’s not just ta­lent, it takes some­thing spe­cial to last this long, and to be able to cre­ate some­thing that stands the test of time to this de­gree says some­thing se­ri­ous about a per­son. He has a qual­ity you can’t man­u­fac­ture. He’s a show­man, cre­ator, a per­son­al­ity, and some­one that’s ob­vi­ously a visionary ahead of his time.”

Ben Bruce

Ask­ing Alexan­dria “Ozzy doesn’t give a shit. He’s the em­bod­i­ment of rock’n’roll. Every­one’s died off or stopped car­ing, and he never has. He’s just al­ways been Ozzy, it’s as sim­ple as that. It’s amaz­ing to share a line-up with him. I’ve loved him since I was a lit­tle kid, since I started play­ing gui­tar and play­ing rock mu­sic. He’s a leg­end. I’ve learned from him that you can be old as fuck and still be do­ing this.”


black veil brides “When my dad first in­tro­duced me to Ozzy I was all about the songs. But his character, his per­son­al­ity and his charisma mean there will never be a time when peo­ple aren’t dis­cov­er­ing Ozzy’s mu­sic and aren’t at­tracted to it. Right now, if he said, ‘I’m not go­ing out there un­less you move the stage 40 feet to the left,’ they would go and move it! That says it all.”

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