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FOR FANS OF: Drop­kick Murphys, Anti-flag, Bounc­ing Souls

■ We live in in­ter­est­ing times. And Street Dogs are re­ally pissed off about it. “Peo­ple need to wake the fuck up and re­alise the rich won’t drain the swamp or look after the work­ing man and woman,” says bassist and punk lifer Johnny Rioux of this al­bum. How­ever, rather than sim­ply telling the world what they’re against, this lot ac­tu­ally tell us what they’re for as well. What he and his con­spir­a­tors have de­liv­ered is a record about unity, with­out looking for scape­goats and with­out a mind­less ‘tear it down’ mentality. Front­man Mike Mc­col­gan once quit fel­low Bos­ton punk crew Drop­kick Murphys to pur­sue a life­long dream of join­ing the fire depart­ment, and there’s noth­ing more punk rock than that. So when they spot­light the po­lice on Other Ones, it hones in on the good cop who’s do­ing his best. Add all the shit-kicking riffs and call-and-re­sponse an­thems you might ex­pect and you have an old­school punk al­bum that’s per­fectly-suited to the times. PAUL TRAVERS

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