call that a throw­back?

YOU ME AT SIX pen letters to the kids they were back in 2008, when they were just about to re­lease TAKE OFF YOUR COLOURS…

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JOSH franceschi “Dear Josh,

“To­mor­row you will go into HMV and you will see a You Me At Six CD on sale and it will blow your mind. Take Off Your Colours means this isn’t just a Mys­pace thing any­more – this is se­ri­ous now. You should also drop into Ban­quet Records to see what bands they’re go­ing to rec­om­mend You Me At Six as ‘For Fans Of’. I prom­ise you won’t be dis­ap­pointed. I know you’re pretty wide-eyed and in­no­cent at the minute and that’s okay, but be care­ful of that.

“If there’s one thing I’d like to say to you it’s this: ‘Don’t think too highly of your­self, don’t get caught up in the good times or get too bogged down in the lows ei­ther.’ The hard­est thing you’ll en­counter in this band will be the ad­just­ments to the dif­fer­ent waves and stages. When stuff is go­ing re­ally well, I want you to try to en­joy it more than you al­low your­self, be­cause I know you’re quite pes­simistic by na­ture, or at least you are right now, but that won’t al­ways be the case. And when stuff does fuck up, don’t think, ‘Oh the world’s over, I might as well be dead.’ Please just en­joy it more. Know that be­ing cre­ative is a trial-and-er­ror process, so don’t shit your­self when it’s not go­ing right. And when it is go­ing right, use that en­ergy and that high and carry it for­ward into ev­ery­thing you do.”

MATT barnes “Dear Matt,

“See that thing in the plas­tic case in your hands that you and your mates made? Peo­ple are go­ing to ac­tu­ally go into shops and buy that. Not to put too much pres­sure on you or any­thing, but that pretty much makes you a le­git band now. Con­grats, you’re a real band, so you have ev­ery right to be buzzing!

“I know you don’t ex­pect it to turn You Me At Six into the big­gest band in the world, but just know­ing that peo­ple will buy loads of copies will make you feel like that. It’ll make the past three years of hard work and telling your par­ents that it’ll all be worth it, well, worth it. See, you were right to not bother go­ing to col­lege. You can prob­a­bly quit your part-time job now, by the way, and start telling peo­ple you’re a mu­si­cian. Ev­ery­thing is go­ing to change when you ded­i­cate your full time to the band. Have fun.”

DAN flint “Dear Dan,

“I hope you en­joy trav­el­ling around the coun­try hav­ing a laugh, play­ing to a cou­ple of hun­dred fans a night. You’re still a small band, sort of mak­ing waves on Mys­pace, but take pride in that achieve­ment. Keep on re­fus­ing ra­dio play be­cause you don’t want to blow up on one song, play Brix­ton and then be for­got­ten about in a year. The charts don’t mat­ter, and in the end you won’t give a shit about that any­way. Just con­cen­trate on the next show and the next big night of hav­ing fun.

“And yes, it is scary to think about re­spon­si­bil­ity and mort­gages. But you will have to learn about the busi­ness of the mu­sic in­dus­try and about be­ing an adult. The suc­cess you’re about to have will make you re­alise you’ll want to keep it go­ing and to try be­ing big­ger and bet­ter. For now, just get in the van and drink as much of the free booze as you can. Also, a friendly re­minder to stop play­ing your songs 10bpm faster than they were recorded!”

CHRIS miller “Dear Chris,

“You’re about to ex­pe­ri­ence a huge sense of achieve­ment when you re­lease this al­bum. And I know you don’t have a clue what hap­pens next, be­cause you’re still so in­no­cent about it all, but you have no idea the im­pact that it’s go­ing to have for you as a band and on the peo­ple who hear it. It will ac­tu­ally be a huge part of all your lives for the next 10 years, even though you’ll find that hard to be­lieve be­cause you can’t imag­ine that you’ve helped make some­thing so im­por­tant.

“I know that you’re hav­ing such a good time that it doesn’t mat­ter to you if it gets any bet­ter, but trust me it re­ally does. Just en­joy it. It’s such a happy time in your life and things aren’t al­ways like that. I know you will, but try to savour ev­ery mo­ment. There’s no need to feel so re­lieved when it comes out, the feed­back will be so over­whelm­ingly pos­i­tive, I prom­ise you!”

MAX he­lyer “Dear Max,

“I know you’re only 18 years of age, you’re not re­ally think­ing about this as a ca­reer, and you’re just buzzing about hav­ing a record out for peo­ple to buy, but hold on to that feel­ing, be­cause it’s amaz­ing. To­mor­row, you’ll be over the moon. And don’t lis­ten to any­one who says there’ll be any nerves – you’ll be too ex­cited for that. It’s youth and naivety, which is cool be­cause you don’t yet know what the mu­sic in­dus­try is re­ally like. It’s a fun time for you, be­cause you’re do­ing some­thing you re­ally love do­ing.

“Don’t be afraid to al­low your­self to get caught up in it all. Think of it is as your univer­sity years, be­cause you won’t go to uni! You’re about to go to loads of uni cities and it’ll feel like one gi­ant fresh­ers’ week – you’ll play shows, meet new peo­ple, go to bars, hang out with fans and have the best time. It’s a cool ex­pe­ri­ence but it will all hap­pen so fast. En­joy it while you can be­cause in a few years you’re go­ing to want to get a good fuck­ing lawyer, mate!”

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