EM­PLOYED TO SERVE vo­cal­ist JUS­TINE JONES plays in one of the UK’S finest heavy bands. So her life must be filled with riffs, right? Er…

Kerrang! (UK) - - Life Is Heavy -

THE FIRST SONG that I RE­MEM­BER HEAR­ING SUR­VIVOR DES­TINY’SCHILD (2001) “I’ll give you a heads up, I come from a re­ally un­cool back­ground in mu­sic. Sadly, my par­ents weren’t into any­thing heavy. My mum al­ways had the ra­dio on in the car, and that’s where I heard Sur­vivor. It was al­ways on MTV when I was younger, too. Do I still play Des­tiny’s Child now? Oh god, yeah – all the time.”

THE SONG THAT RE­MINDS ME OF MY CHILD­HOOD LA­BOR DAY (IT’S A HOL­I­DAY) THEBLACKEYEDPEAS (2003) “When I was in sec­ondary school, I used to go ice skat­ing with my fam­ily on Fri­day nights. I re­mem­ber they’d play a lot of Black Eyed Peas when we were there and I re­mem­ber this song. I was in Year 7 and I lis­tened to a lot of pop. I was into Eminem, too. He was mas­sive in our school. Ev­ery­one used to lis­ten to him.”

THE FIRST SONG THAT MADE ME FALL IN LOVE WITH HEAVY MU­SIC ONE STEP CLOSER LINKINPARK(2000) “My cousin is the same age as me and he had a cou­ple of Linkin Park CDS. Since I liked Eminem, I liked the rap side. When I heard One Step Closer, I was like, ‘This is sick!’ From that, I got into Korn after see­ing the video for Twisted Tran­sis­tor. I thought Snoop Dogg was in Korn for the long­est time be­cause of that video, but I was quite young, to be fair.”

THE SONG THAT WILL FOR­EVER RE­MIND ME OF MY FIRST HEART­BREAK BOATS & BIRDS GRE­GORY AND THE HAWK (2006) “This song isn’t very rock, I’m afraid. The break-up was a clas­sic case of, ‘We’re just friends.’ It’s from an EP of the same name on Fat Cat Records, and I’d lis­ten to the whole thing a lot. I don’t re­ally lis­ten to it any more, be­cause it brings back too many mem­o­ries.”

THE SONG WHICH HELPED ME RE­ALISE MY VO­CAL TA­LENT UNAN­SWERED SUI­CIDE SI­LENCE (2007) “I thought it was re­ally fun and ex­cit­ing, and it was the ex­act op­po­site of what I’d usu­ally lis­ten to. I’d sing along to Sorry You’re Not A Win­ner by En­ter Shikari when I was 14, but I’d try to avoid do­ing the scream­ing bits. I tried it, but I didn’t re­ally pick it up un­til a few years later when this helped bring that out in me.”

THE FIRST SONG I MOSHED TO TRY HON­ESTY BILLYTALENT(2003) “The first show I ever went to was Billy Ta­lent at the As­to­ria

THE SONG I WISH THAT I HAD WRIT­TEN LAID TO REST LAMB OF GOD (2004) “When I first heard this song, I was like, ‘This is sick!’ I’ve al­ways en­joyed Randy Blythe’s lyrics. It’s a way of con­nect­ing with peo­ple. His vo­cal style goes so per­fectly with their riffs. I’ve watched many live videos of them on Youtube, but I’ve not seen them in per­son yet. They’re on my list of bands I need to see.” in Lon­don. I saw that peo­ple were push­ing each other, but they weren’t ac­tu­ally fight­ing. It was re­ally fun. When you’re a teenager, it’s pretty tough a lot of the time and you have a lot of stuff go­ing on. I wasn’t play­ing sports back then, so it was good to have a show to go to where I could get rid of some en­ergy.”

THE FIRST OF OUR SONGS I HEARD ON THE RA­DIO WATCH­ING FILMS TO FOR­GET I EX­IST EMPLOYEDTOSERVE (2015) “I’m pretty sure this was played on the Ra­dio 1 Rock Show. It was the first time my fam­ily un­der­stood what we’d been work­ing so hard to­wards. I think how a band works is re­ally alien to a lot of peo­ple, so when you have ref­er­ence points like, ‘Hey, we got played on the ra­dio,’ they get it a lit­tle more.”

THE SONG I’m most proud of PLAT­FORM 89 EMPLOYEDTOSERVE (2017) “I found the time sig­na­ture re­ally hard. I don’t have very good nat­u­ral rhythm and when I first started, I re­ally strug­gled with tim­ings and stuff. I find that when I record things, I un­der­stand them bet­ter. I’d do an en­tire vo­cal take, then do it again. It makes me as­sess ev­ery sin­gle seg­ment. When we recorded this, I was like, ‘Shit, I can ac­tu­ally do this now.’”

THE SONG I’D LIKE PLAYED AT MY FU­NERAL SAND­STORM DARUDE(2000) “I like the idea that ev­ery­one would as­sume I’d pick a metal song for my fu­neral, but this is a song I lis­tened to loads when I was a kid. I know it sounds re­ally mor­bid, but I’ve al­ready dis­cussed this with my band mem­bers, be­cause it’s a funny topic. Ev­ery­one would have to wear neon suits and dresses, and glow sticks would be handed out. It should be a cel­e­bra­tion of life, so you’d want some­thing a bit up­beat and funny as the sound­track.”

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