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Keep your keys high viz with this on­trend i-cord ac­ces­sory, which dou­bles up as a cheeky bag charm you can make for your friends – they‘ll love it! Yarn You can use odd­ments of any dou­ble knit or worsted weight yarn for this quick project. We used scraps of Manos del Uruguay Max­ima in shade High­lighter (M2060). At the time of writ­ing, this shade was not avail­able in the UK. A good al­ter­na­tive is Red Heart Lisa, in shade Neon Yel­low (8232) Nee­dles & ac­ces­sories Two dou­ble pointed 4mm (UK knit­ting nee­dles Ta­pes­try nee­dle Key ring fob Cord end cap Su­per­glue Manos del Uruguay Max­ima Worsted weight 100% ex­trafine merino 100g/200m Hand wash £14 per 100g hank manosyarns.com Other shades avail­able loveknit­ting.com

Red Heart Lisa DK weight 100% acrylic



8, US


in the UK from 50g/133m (145yds) Ma­chine wash 95p per 100g ball red­heart.co.uk Ex­act tension project.








MAKE AN I-CORD Us­ing 4mm nee­dles cast on five stitches. *With­out turn­ing the work, slide the stitches to the other end of the left hand nee­dle and take the yarn across the back of the work. Knit the five stitches.**

Re­peat from * to **. At first the stitches will feel quite baggy, but af­ter you’ve knit­ted sev­eral rows the i-cord will start to tighten up and be­come neater.

Work from * to **, re­peat­ing this se­quence un­til you have made an i-cord about 7cm (2¾in) long. Break yarn, leav­ing at least a 20cm (8in) length and thread it onto a nee­dle.

Slide the stitches along to the tip of the nee­dle again and, with­out turn­ing your work, thread your nee­dle through the stitches one at a time, slip­ping them off the nee­dle as you do so.

When all stitches are off the nee­dle, pull the yarn end tight to fas­ten them off se­curely but do not weave in the yarn

tail. MAKING UP 1. Weave in the tail cre­ated when you cast on, by thread­ing it onto a nee­dle and then pass­ing it ver­ti­cally down the cen­tre of the i-cord and out the other end. If the yarn isn’t long enough to do this, poke the nee­dle out through the side of the i-cord and care­fully snip the tail close to the sur­face – you‘ll find that will dis­ap­pear into the fab­ric.

2. Cut lengths of your yarn, vary­ing them be­tween 15cm (6in) and 20cm (8in) long. Pass them through the edge of the fas­tened off end of the i-cord, to cre­ate a fringe. You can ei­ther knot them in place or just leave them hang­ing, as you will se­cure them in a mo­ment.

3. When you are happy with how the fringe looks, take the tail you used to fas­ten off the i-cord and wrap it around the top of the fringe three times, to neaten ev­ery­thing up and hide the join. Knot your tail to one of the pieces of fringe to se­cure it and cut it so that it is sim­i­lar length to the rest of the fringe


4. Soften the edge of the fringe by rub­bing it be­tween your palms for a few sec­onds, to fluff up the ends slightly.


5. When you are happy with the fin­ished fringe ef­fect, su­per­glue the other end of the i-cord into the cord cap. Leave to dry for a few min­utes be­fore us­ing it.

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