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Bust your scrap stash with th­ese ul­tra speedy makes. The power cord bands make per­fect wrist wraps – they‘re the new friend­ship bracelets. Yarn You can use odd­ments of any chunky yarn for this quick project. We used scraps of Rico Es­sen­tials Big in shades Neon Yel­low (24), Cream (01) and Navy (11). Nee­dles & ac­ces­sories Two dou­ble pointed 7mm (UK 10.5-11) knit­ting nee­dles Ta­pes­try nee­dle Chunky weight 50% wool, 50% acrylic 50g/48m (52yds) Hand wash £3.99 per 50g ball rico-de­


2, US

1 SKINNY CORD BRACELET Make a fin­ger knit­ted chain as fol­lows: 1. Make a slip knot and put it over your left in­dex fin­ger. 2. *Take a piece of the work­ing yarn and wrap it over your left in­dex fin­ger, in be­tween your orig­i­nal slip knot and the tip of your fin­ger. 3. Hold­ing this new loop taut, pull the orig­i­nal slip knot over the new one and off your fin­ger. ** You have now made a fin­ger knit­ted stitch! 4. Re­peat from * to ** un­til your chain is the de­sired length. Cut your yarn tail and pass it through the fi­nal stitch. Weave in ends if de­sired. Loop it around your wrist and tie in a knot.

2 KNOT­TED CORD BRACELET Make as for Skinny Cord, end­ing when your chain is two and a half times the cir­cum­fer­ence of your wrist. Weave in ends if de­sired. Fold the chain in half and tie a loose knot in the cen­tre. Tie around your wrist as be­fore.

3 STAN­DARD CORD (NEON AND NAVY) Make a two stitch i-cord as fol­lows: 1. Us­ing a pair of 7mm dou­ble pointed nee­dles cast on two stitches.

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