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12 STS 10 ROWS SU­PER CHUNKY Yarn 2 x 100g balls of Deb­bie Roma in Blaze (06) Nee­dles 10mm (UK 000, US 15) cir­cu­lar nee­dle, 60cm or 23½in long Ac­ces­sories 30cm or 12in drum in cream Deb­bie Bliss Roma deb­bieb­lis­son­ 020 8520 8814 70% wool, 30% al­paca 100g/80m (87 yards) Hand wash £8.50 10 sts and 12 rows to 10cm or over st st on 10 mm nee­dles Rowan Big Wool kni­ 01484 681881 Drops An­des 10 MM NEE­DLE




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This funky lace pat­tern lamp­shade is quick and easy to make and will give a dull, old lamp a new lease of life with a quirky vin­tage style. Us­ing su­per chunky yarn, de­signer Julie has opted for fiery red, to help in­ject a warm glow into your homes.

LAMP­SHADE Cast on 78 sts and Rounds 1–4: Knit. Round 5: *K4, k2­tog, psso, k4, re­peat from round. Round 6: Knit. Round 7: *K3, k2­tog, psso, k3, re­peat from round. Round 8: Knit. Round 9: *K2, (k2­tog, yo) twice, k1, (yo, sl1, k1 psso) twice, k2, re­peat from * to the end of the round. Round 10: Knit. Round 11: *K1, (k2­tog, yo) twice, k3, sl1, k1, psso) twice, k1, re­peat from * the end of the round. Round 12: Knit. Round 13: *(K2­tog, yo) three times, (yo, sl1, k1, psso) three times, re­peat from * to the end of the round. Round 14: Knit. Re­peat round 1 to round 14 once more, then round 1 to round 4 once more. Cast off.





yo, k1, yo, sl1, k1, * to the end of the yo, k3, yo, sl1, k1, * to the end of the (yo, to

TO MAKE UP Cover the lamp­shade in cling film or cel­lo­phane to pro­tect it. Stretch the knit­ted lace cover to fit over the shade and This lamp is knit­ted in the round on a cir­cu­lar nee­dle which is a great fun tech­nique to try Lace the lamp­shade by con­nect­ing the edges on the in­side, keep­ing tension even run thread from the top to the bot­tom all round, on the in­side of the shade, to tension the lace cover. Spray the cover with wa­ter and leave to dry nat­u­rally. Re­move the lace cover. Re­move cling film or cel­lo­phane. Re­place the lace cover on the shade and lace up on the in­side us­ing a fine thread, pulling it tight enough to al­low the cover to fit neatly.

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