Beat the cold with Jes­sica Bis­coe’s su­per-soft colour block mit­tens

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Whether your colour combo is aqua har­mony, au­tum­nal warmth or berry sur­prise, th­ese sim­ple colour-block mit­tens will see you through the cold­est months. They’re ideal for touch-screen ad­dicts!


Us­ing Colom­bia, cast on 34 sts us­ing long tail cast on. Dis­trib­ute the stitches evenly over three dou­ble pointed nee­dles. Place marker and, making sure the stitches aren’t twisted, join for work­ing in the round. Round 1: *K1, p1. Rep from * to end. Cont work­ing in k1, p1 rib for 17 more rounds. Cut Colom­bia, join Anemone. Next round: M1, k to end. 35 sts

Thumb gus­set

Round 1: K17, pm, m1, k1, m1, pm, k17. 37 sts Round 2: K to end. Round 3: K to m, m1, k to m, m1, k to end. 39 sts Round 4: K to end. Rep rounds 3-4 six more times. 51 sts Knit 17 sts, sl17 of the thumb sts onto scrap yarn and re­join in the round, knit to end.

Hand and flip top

Work 8 rounds in straight st st. Work 4 rounds of rib­bing as set above. Us­ing Colom­bia, pick up and knit 17 sts across the back of the hand us­ing the hor­i­zon­tal bar be­tween each ‘v’ stitch, then cast on 17 sts us­ing ca­ble cast on. Dis­trib­ute onto dou­ble pointed nee­dles and join for work­ing in the round. Round 1: K17, (k1, p1) 8 times, k1. Rep round 1 three more times. Knit 10 rounds in straight st st then di­vide sts onto two dou­ble pointed nee­dles, 17 sts on each. Round 1: (K1, ssk, k to last 3 sts on nee­dle, k2­tog, k1) twice. Round 2: K to end. Rep th­ese two rounds four more times. 18 sts. Cut yarn leav­ing a 30cm (11¾in) tail and use kitch­ener stitch to seam. (Turn to page 75 for a great kitch­ener stitch tu­to­rial.)


Pick up 17 sts from scrap yarn onto dou­ble pointed nee­dles. Join Anemone and knit to end. Pick up 1 st from hand, slip to left nee­dle and k2­tog. Knit 8 rounds straight. Next round: (K6, k2­tog) twice, k1. Next round: K to end. Next round: (K5, k2­tog) twice, k1. Next round: K to end. Next round: (K2­tog) six times, k1. Cut yarn and draw­string the top closed with a yarn nee­dle.


Work as Mit­ten 1, but pick up the flip top stitches on op­po­site side of the work.

But­ton loop

To work a sewn but­ton loop, thread a long length of Colom­bia onto a yarn nee­dle. Insert it in and un­der a few stitches in the cen­ter of the flip top. Wrap the yarn around your lit­tle fin­ger to cre­ate a small semi-cir­cu­lar loop. Re­peat this two more times so the loop is re­in­forced. Then, with the nee­dle com­ing from the left side of the loop, bring it through the mid­dle from back to front, over the top and un­der the thread. Pull this loop tight and re­peat all around. Sew a small but­ton to the cen­ter­back of the rib­bing where it meets the hand.

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Make the flip-top sec­tion by pick­ing up and knit­ting stitches across the back of the hand

Choose a con­trast but­ton when fin­ish­ing your mit­tens to add a cre­ative fun touch

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