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Yarn DMC My­boshi Blan­ket: A 3 x 50g balls (shade 195) 3 x 50g balls of Mint (shade 127) 3 x 50g balls of Rasp­berry (shade 139) 3 x 50g balls of Sky Blue (shade 151) B 1 x 50g ball in Salmon (shade 141) 1 x 50g ball in White (shade 191) 1 x 50g ball in Ocean Blue (shade 153) 1 x 50g ball in Ivory Square cush­ion: 2 x 50g balls in Sky Blue (shade 151) 2 x 50g balls in Ivory (shade 192) Bol­ster cush­ion: 2 x 50g balls in Ocean (shade 153) 1 x 50g ball Slip­pers: 1 x 50g ball 153) 1 x 50g ball in Rasp­berry Hot wa­ter bot­tle cover: 2 x 50g balls in An­thracite (shade 195) 2 x 50g balls in Salmon (shade 495) Eye mask: 1 x 50g ball 1 x 50g ball

in of of



in Ocean Mint (shade 127) White (shade 191)

Nee­dles 1 pair 6mm (UK Ac­ces­sories Stitch mark­ers Ta­pes­try nee­dle 1m of thick rib­bon and thread for eye mask 1m of thin rib­bon for slip­pers 40cm (15¾in) cush­ion pad for cush­ion cover 40cm (15¾in) long bol­ster cover DMC My­boshi, £4 dm­c­cre­ative.co.uk



4, US









bol­ster pad






Yarn A 12 sts and 26 rows over garter stitch us­ing 6mm nee­dles to make a 10cm or 4in square Blan­ket: 110cm x 79cm (43½in x 31in) Bol­ster cush­ion: 40cm (16in) long Square cush­ion: 40cm (16in) square Eye mask: 20cm x 8cm (8in x 3¼in) Slip­pers: Ad­justable, size 5-8 Hot wa­ter bot­tle cover: To fit a hot wa­ter bot­tle 35cm x 22cm (43½in x 8¾in)

Turn to page 96 for ab­bre­vi­a­tions

195 An­thracite

127 Mint 0116 2754000 Chunky weight 70% acrylic, 30% 50g/55m (60yds) Ma­chine wash cold

139 Rasp­berry

151 Sky Blue


Yarn B

495 Salmon

191 White

153 Ocean Blue

192 Ivory Drift away peace­fully to the land of nod and stay there for as long as you like with this woolly eye­mask!

Note: break yarn when chang­ing colour and weave in ends as you go.

Us­ing Mint cast on 3 sts. Row 1 (RS): Kfb, kfb, k1. 5 sts Row 2 (and all WS rows un­less stated): Knit. Row 3: K1, m1, k3, m1, k1. 7 sts Row 5: K1, m1, k5, m1, k1. 9 sts Row 7: K1, m1, k7, m1, k1. 11 sts Row 8: Knit.

Change to White. Row 9 (RS): K1, m1, k9, m1, k1. 13 sts Row 11: K1, m1, k11, m1, k1. 15 sts Row 13: K1, ssk, k12, m1, k1. Row 15: As row 13. Row 16: Knit.

Change to Mint. Row 17 (RS): As row 13. Row 19: As row 13. Row 21: As row 13. Row 23: As row 13. Row 25: Cast off 5 sts, re­turn

last st to LH

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