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Right sleeve only Place marker at end of last row – this marker matches to front neck fas­ten-off point. Both sleeves Dec 1 st at marked front neck edge of next 9 rows and at same time dec 2 sts at back raglan edge of 3rd row. 2 sts Work 1 row, end­ing with RS fac­ing for next row. Next row (RS): K2­tog and fas­ten off.

Pre­pare for knit­ting the col­lar Press the pieces as de­scribed on the ball band. Then join both front and right back raglan seams us­ing back stitch, or mat­tress stitch if pre­ferred.

COL­LAR With RS fac­ing and us­ing 4.5mm nee­dles, pick up and knit 10 sts from top of left sleeve, 12 ( 12: 14: 14: 16) sts down left side of front neck, knit across 13 ( 13: 13: 13: 17) sts on front holder, pick up and knit 12 ( 12: 14: 14: 16) sts up right side of front neck, and 9 sts from top of right sleeve, then knit across 31 ( 31: 33: 33: 35) sts on back holder. 87 ( 87: 93: 93: 103) sts Row 1 (RS of col­lar, WS of body): Sl1, *k1, p1, rep from * to last 2 sts, k2. Beg with row 2, work in patt as given for back un­til col­lar meas 27cm (10½in), end­ing with RS of col­lar (WS of body) fac­ing for next row. Cast off in patt.

MAK­ING UP Sew the re­main­ing seams mak­ing sure you re­verse col­lar seam for last 16cm (6 ½ in) to al­low for the turn-back. Block out the piece of knit­ting fol­low­ing the in­struc­tions on the ball band. Darn in all ends neatly. Lisa’s cowl-neck jumper is de­signed to look ca­sual and we loved it with rolled up sleeves!

This gor­geous cowl-neck jumper is from the book by Lisa Richard­son, pub­lished by Rowan (RRP £9.50). Visit their web­site at

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