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Knit stitch is where most knit­ters start. It’s easy to learn, and garter stitch fab­ric (which is knit­ted ev­ery row) is lovely and squishy, al­though it is nat­u­rally shorter than stock­ing stitch (knit one row, purl one row and re­peat). You’ll find a tu­to­rial for purl stitch on page 92. 1 Insert your right nee­dle di­ag­o­nally, front to back into the first stitch on your left nee­dle. Your nee­dles should be roughly at right an­gles. 2 Wrap the work­ing yarn around the right nee­dle clock­wise and pull this yarn through to the front of the stitch with your right nee­dle. 3 Let the old stitch fall off the left-hand nee­dle, keep­ing the new stitch on the right-hand nee­dle. That’s your first stitch done!

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