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on 56 ( 58: 62: 66: 70) sts. Row 1 (RS): P2 (k2, p2) to end of row. Row 2 (WS): K2 (p2, k2) to end of row. Rep the last two rows once more. You should have worked four rows of k2, p2 rib.

Change to 4mm nee­dles. Row 5 (RS): Knit. Row 6 (WS): Purl. Th­ese two rows form stock­ing stitch. Cont in st st and stripe se­quence and AT THE SAME TIME inc 1 st at each end of next and 9 ( 9: 9: 9: 10) foll 4th rows. 76 ( 78: 82: 86: 92) sts Cont straight un­til sleeve meas 35cm (13 ¾ in) from cast on edge, end­ing with a RS row. (This is one rep of the sleeve stripe se­quence). Cast off knit­wise on WS.

MAK­ING UP 1 Steam block pieces to en­cour­age them to lay flat and make seam­ing eas­ier. 2 Weave in all tail ends care­fully if you’ve not al­ready done so. 3 When seam­ing use a new piece of MC yarn for each seam. Do not seam us­ing cast on/cast off tails. 4 Place front and back right sides to­gether and join shoul­ders. 5 Lay out flat and place cen­tre of sleeve at shoul­der seam. Seam top of sleeve. Still with RS to­gether, seam sleeve and side seams on each side. 6 Weave in ends. 7 Turn right sides

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again. Im­press your friends with this show­stop­per of a scarf – we bet you'll get some re­quests for their own ver­sion!

Us­ing 25mm nee­dles not turn. **Row 1: Knit, pulling work­ing yarn across back of work. Do not turn. Slide stitches back along nee­dle to knit them again. Re­peat from ** un­til you’ve used up your first ball of yarn. Join in se­cond ball and re­peat from ** again un­til you’ve used up the se­cond ball. Care­fully re­move nee­dles and pull yarn end through rem stitches and fas­ten off.

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MAK­ING UP 1 Weave in all ends. 2 Make two pom-poms, one for each end, by wrap­ping the left over grey yarns from the cowl around your hand (see fac­ing page). Tie the cen­tre knot with a finer match­ing strong yarn (such as cot­ton DK), leav­ing long tails for at­tach­ing later. 3 Cut the loopy your pom pom. 4 Fluff out the ends of the yarn and trim the pom pom to make it even. 5 At­tach by pulling the yarn ends into the top of the icord and then fas­ten­ing them in a knot. 6 Weave in re­main­ing ends. See step-by-step pho­tos above for a great way to tie a long nar­row scarf!






then This fun striped hat looks great fin­ished off with huge pom-poms! Rum­mage through your stash for unique colours... STRIPE SE­QUENCE MC – 4 rows Yarn H – 2 rows Yarn B – 4 rows Yarn J – 6 rows Yarn C – 2 rows MC – 6 rows Yarn D – 8 rows MC – 4 rows Yarn K – 2 rows Yarn A – 4 rows Yarn E – 4 rows Yarn G – 2 rows Yarn C – 8 rows Yarn J – 4 rows MC – 6 rows Yarn A – 2 rows Yarn H – 4 rows Yarn D – 6 rows Yarn F – 2 rows Yarn B – 4 rows Yarn E – 2 rows Yarn C – 4 rows MC – 6 rows Yarn A – 2 rows Yarn K – 4 rows Yarn D – 2 rows Yarn G – 4 rows MC – 5 rows

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