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K2­tog (or knit two to­gether) is the easy way to de­crease. This de­crease re­sults in a stitch that leans right, so if a pat­tern asks for a rightlean­ing de­crease use k2­tog. When de­creas­ing at both ends of a row, on the RS start with a left-lean­ing de­crease and end the row with a right-lean­ing de­crease. For the left-lean­ing de­creases (SSK and SSP) see our tu­to­rial sec­tion on page 91. 1 Insert right hand nee­dle into the next two stitches as if to knit them. Your nee­dle should go into the se­cond stitch on your left hand nee­dle, be­fore the first stitch. 2 Wrap the work­ing yarn around your right hand nee­dle and knit the two stitches to­gether, work­ing oth­er­wise as if you were knit­ting a sin­gle stitch. 3 Slip the two old stitches off left hand nee­dle. You now have a sin­gle new stitch on right hand nee­dle to re­place the two old stitches. You’ve now de­creased one stitch.

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