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Next row (dec row): (K4, k3, k2­tog, slm, k2­tog, k3, times. 56 sts Next row: Purl, slm, purl to end. Cont to dec as set by last two rows (work­ing k2­tog on ei­ther side of the marker on ev­ery RS row) seven times more. 42 sts Work mea­sures 42cm (16¾in) from cast on edge, end­ing with a WS row. Knit one row. Cast off knit­wise on WS. p2) four times, (p2, k4) 4

UN­DER PANEL With RS fac­ing, re­join stitch holder. Next row (inc row) (RS): K2, M1, k3) three times, k2­tog. 20 sts Next row: Purl. Next row (inc row): K2, M1, twice, p2, k2, M1, k2. 22 sts Next row: Purl. Cont to inc and work into RS row in­side edge sts as are 38 sts. Place marker at each end of bot­tom of leg hole.


to 20

k2, st st on ev­ery set un­til there


sts on





to mark Next row (dec row) (RS): K2, k2­tog, (p2, k3) twice, p2, k9, k2­tog, k2. Next row: purl. Cont to dec on ev­ery RS row in­side edge sts as set un­til there are 20 sts. Next row (RS): K4, p2, k3, p2, k3, Next row (WS): Purl. The last 2 rows set rib patt. Cont in patt un­til work mea­sures 35cm (13¾in) from cast on edge, end­ing with a WS row. Knit one row. Cast off knit­wise on WS.




TO MAKE UP Sew the un­der panel to the top panel from the neck to the first marker at top of leg hole shap­ing.

LEG HOLE BOR­DER With 4.5mm nee­dles and RS fac­ing, pick up 30 sts along the top panel from the se­cond marker at start of leg hole up to the seam and along the same point on the un­der panel. Knit one row. Cast off knit­wise. Work the se­cond leg to match. Sew up the side seams from the legs down. Weave in all loose ends. You’ll be proud to have this dap­per four-legged chap on your lead!









Chest MEA­SUR­ING YOUR DOG Mea­sure your dog be­fore you start knit­ting this jumper. By al­ter­ing a few stitches or lengths in key ar­eas you will be able to ob­tain a great fit.

The more im­por­tant mea­sure­ments are: A Neck – This will en­able you to de­cide if you need more stitches in the neck rib, as ideally the rib needs to be re­laxed when sit­ting on the dog’s neck, and must stretch over the dog’s head to put the jumper on.

B Length – Mea­sure from your dog’s neck along the spine to where you want the jumper to end. The jumper is de­signed to be at least 10cm (4in) from the top of the tail.

C Shoul­der – This is im­por­tant to ob­tain a good fit. Mea­sure from the cen­tre of your dog’s neck – where the col­lar sits at th top of the spine – di­ag­o­nally down to the top of the leg, and do the same with your knit­ting (see di­a­gram). By get­ting this mea­sure­ment right, the jumper will not pull back or slouch for­ward, but will fit com­fort­ably on the dog.

D Chest – Use a tape mea­sure to mea­sure all the way around your dog’s chest, just be­hind the front legs. This will tell you if you need to add in some stitches be­fore you get to the leg shap­ing on the jumpers. This pat­tern is from the book Dogs in­Jumpers, by Deb­bie Humphreys, pub­lished by Pav­il­lion Books (RRP £14.99).

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