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As I wrote in my last LRM col­umn, I am now the proud owner of a Range Rover MKIII, or I could call it an L322, or even an FFRR, which is short for Full Fat Range Rover. DE06 CXH is a Vogue, which means it has all the bells and whis­tles. I’m not into bling that much, and if I had been buy­ing the ve­hi­cle new, I doubt if I would have cho­sen the chrome trim, but when you’re buy­ing sec­ond­hand you of­ten have to take what you can get. In my case I wanted LPG al­ready fit­ted – made by Prinz, which is thought to be one of the best sys­tems, in the case of mine – so it came de­spite all that chrome stuff.

I have to say that I rather like it now. The car is a dark blue and the chrome grille, half mir­ror cov­ers and door han­dles do look good. I must find out if what oth­ers have de­scribed as the ‘chrome pack­age’ was a dealer op­tion or added on af­ter­wards.

When I bought my P38 I de­scribed it as the finest Grand Tour­ing ve­hi­cle I had ever owned... well, this mo­tor has moved up into another world com­pletely.

Some years ago me and my beloved Mar­jorie, along with for­mer LRM edi­tor Richard How­ell-thomas and his wife Cathie, drove a Range Rover half­way across Europe to what had been the old East Ger­many for a meet­ing of the Deutsch Land Rover Club. Richard and I, in turns, drove at well over 100 mph for hour upon hour on the won­der­ful Euro­pean au­to­bahns and the car never missed a beat. I can’t be both­ered to look through my files to find out the ex­act year, but it couldn’t have been much off 2006 – the year of my new ’un – and I re­ally can’t see why I couldn’t re­peat the jour­ney in this one.

It’s com­fort­able and smooth – so pow­er­ful that I need to drive with one eye on the speedo to stay within the lim­its – and so very, very quiet.

So, what is wrong with it? Well, there is an in­ter­mit­tent mis­fire that I need to get sorted. Hope­fully it will be no more than the ig­ni­tion pack and maybe even less; just a new set of plug leads.

My Mar­jorie reck­ons that the ride, on 20 inch wheels, is a bit bumpy. We’ll have to see about that, if she learns to live with it. I’m not com­pletely against the idea of swap­ping the 20s for the other when-new op­tion of 18 inch wheels, which have big­ger side­walls on the tyres to soak up some of the bumps if she con­tin­ues to moan about it. I have to say that I don’t feel it is a prob­lem my­self.

We col­lected the ve­hi­cle in the pour­ing rain and the rear wiper didn’t do much at all on the mo­tor­way. Less than a fiver got me a new wiper blade and it’s just done very well this morn­ing in a snow­storm.

One of the rear mud­flaps has a split in it. Usu­ally I would stitch it, lorry style, with a hand­ful of black tie-wraps, but af­ter writ­ing this I’m go­ing to price up a new pair. If they come in un­der my pen­sion pay­ment I may just do that

The driver’s seat has a worn patch, just where you slide in. My P38 wore through and looked pretty bad, so I sup­pose I’ll have to talk to an up­hol­sterer about that. I ad­mit that the prob­a­ble cost wor­ries me a bit, but as the say­ing goes, you have it to do.

We’re not talk­ing se­ri­ous here, folks, ev­ery­thing else seems to be fine – the air con­di­tion­ing and cli­mate con­trol sys­tem all seems to be work­ing prop­erly.

I’ve al­ready up­dated the Sat­nav to 2015 – very sim­ple with a DVD I bought off the in­ter­net. I paid via Paypal (could have used a debit card) and it ar­rived the next day. Good ser­vice, I thought. And the up­date was sim­ple: take out the old disk and pop the new one in. I’ve only had the ve­hi­cle a few days as I write, so I’m still work­ing my way through the owner’s man­ual – things like auto-heat­ing wing mir­rors are still a for­eign coun­try to me!

So what on earth is a Full Fat Range Rover (or FFRR)? There is some dis­agree­ment about when it came about and from who, but one story is that own­ers of L322s on the Rangerovers.net web­site de­scribed the (then) new model Range Rover Sport, which was smaller and less lux­u­ri­ous, as Range Rover Lite.

Range Rover Sport own­ers on the fo­rum re­tal­i­ated by chris­ten­ing the big­ger car as the Full Fat Range Rover – and L322 own­ers rather liked it!

By the way, in fo­rum-speak the Range Rover Evoque is BRR or Baby Range Rover. Just so you know.

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